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Colorado’s Day at the Pool Karen provided this pathetic justification for her racist actions, which were captured on camera.

Blair Featherman, who has been identified as the individual responsible for the erratic behavior, was questioned on Tuesday as part of an investigation into the matter.

During the interview, she made an effort to make excuses for her rowdy conduct after it had been brought to her attention on the internet.

According to Featherman, she was there and sitting in the complex’s pool area when she became aware of the presence of people whom she had not met before.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Featherman stated, “We noticed a party gathering on the other side of the pool, and it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” and he went on to explain that they saw the celebration getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

She voiced her concern that she could be in harm’s way in the not too distant future. She continued by saying, “people try their best to wait for the gate to open so that they can come in and stay here all day.”

She did what any self-respecting white woman would do and decided to take things into her own hands, which is what any self-respecting white lady would do.

It is said that Featherman and her companion went up to one of the people at the party and asked them to look at their key fob before continuing on with their conversation.

“I think he said ‘no,’ and we were like, ‘we’ll just call security,'” Featherman is quoted as saying in the allegations that were provided by the other party. The part when she shouted at the other members of the group, “Yes, it’s true.

You throw a party themed after the cuisine of Mexico in the pool. F***ing celebration of Mexican culture. Rubbish. “” On the footage, she can be heard telling the guy to “get the f**k out” and to “go back down to Denver.” She also tells him to “get the f**k out.”

Instead, Featherman narrates the story of how she was assaulted while she was returning to her lounge chair on the other side of the pool after leaving the pool area.

Her lounge chair was located on the other side of the pool. “They swarmed over like a swarm of bees, and it was very fast,” Featherman said in his account of the incident.

“A man shoved me first, and then the women jumped on top of me,” she stated. “Another man then shoved me again.”

She claims that the video that has gone viral was recorded after the assault, when the fake fingernails were inserted in her hair, and that this is the moment when the attack took place.

They were so violent against me that they ripped chunks of my scalp off while they were attacking me.

I am looking everywhere in a desperate attempt to locate my phone, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I realize that this woman is filming me just as someone phones 9-1-1, and I hastily grab the recording device before she can finish. However, five minutes later, I returned it to the person who asked for it.

It should not come as a surprise that Featherman avoids taking full accountability for her conduct when her racist statements from the video are brought up.

The unambiguous answer that Featherman provided in response to the issue of whether or not she has racist tendencies was “Absolutely not.”

The following is an excerpt from the next portion of Featherman’s statement: “I completely apologize for saying what I did about the pool party.”

In spite of the fact that the interview was intended to inspire sentiments of sympathy in those who listened to it, Featherman’s conduct cannot in any way be seen as rational.

We have no choice except to hold out hope that this will be the last time she brings up what took place.

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Written by Anthony Peters