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Birdman and Crew Seize Druski’s Chain in Dramatic Showdown

Birdman and Crew Seize Druski's Chain

Birdman and Crew Seize Druski’s Chain in a dramatic showdown. The longstanding feud between Birdman and Druski took a dramatic turn recently as Birdman flaunted a significant trophy from the ongoing rivalry—an ostentatious Coulda Been Records chain that formerly adorned Druski. The Cash Money founder showcased the hefty jewelry on Instagram with a provocative caption: “SURPRISE PARTY B*TCH. SLIPPIN IN STUDIO RICHG^NG.”

Birdman and Crew Seize Druski’s Chain in a dramatic showdown. “What the f**k is this record label you starting?” Birdman asks Druski. “Put some respect on my name. You playing, five.”

The conflict between the record executive and the comedian has been no secret, but this latest incident has again thrust it into the spotlight. Newly obtained security footage, shared by TMZ, captures the intense moment when Birdman and his entourage confronted Druski to seize the coveted chain, leading to a high-speed pursuit.

In the video, Birdman stands by as members of his crew pressure Druski to relinquish the jewelry. Despite the demands, Druski refuses, prompting a bold move from one of Birdman’s associates who snatches the chain off Druski’s neck. The comedian protests, almost tumbling down a nearby staircase in the scuffle. A swift retreat follows, with Druski and his associates sprinting away while Birdman and his crew give chase. Remarkably composed, Birdman remains calm amid the commotion, indicating the gravity of the situation for Druski

This incident aligns with Druski’s previous expressions of feeling threatened by Birdman and his associates. Whether Druski will regain possession of his Coulda Been Records chain remains unanswered. Birdman’s flaunting of the seized jewelry sends a clear message, asserting dominance and warning Druski to steer clear of his artists.

The tension between Birdman and Druski has been escalating, with Birdman previously cautioning Druski about “playing with a real gangsta” after the comedian dissed Drake. In the words of Druski, it’s another instance of “idols turning into rivals.”

As this feud takes a physical turn with the chain-snatching incident, the entertainment world wonders whether these pseudo-beefs are pushing boundaries too far. The security footage provides a glimpse into the intense dynamics of this ongoing celebrity feud.

Birdman also gave a warning to Drusky about his being a real gangster and that Drusky should not mess with a real gangster. Drusky regrets that his idol turns into his  rival and this is very unfortunate for him and he is finding it difficult to accept the truth.


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Written by Anthony Peters