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Anthony Davis Dispels the Impression That He Was Not Happy for LeBron James’ Breaking all-time Record

Fan videos of Anthony Davis’s rather sulky reaction to “the LeBron moment” went viral. While teammates rushed to congratulate LeBron —who became the highest point-scorer in the history of the NBA, beating Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record that stood for 39 years— Davis remained seated on the bench.

has explained that his unhappy-looking demeanor, at the exact moment when LeBron James set the record for the most points in NBA history, was on account of the match-situation, where the Lakers were trailing the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Davis told reporters, “It’s about the game. I mean, we’re losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a game we needed. And I was pissed off that we were losing. It’s that simple. It’s nothing that has to do with Bron. He knows that. Everybody else is outside looking in, it’s their opinion. But I was pissed off that we were losing the game.”

ESPN has reported that David called LeBron on Wednesday to apologize and then apologized again on Thursday before the games versus Bucks.

Later in the Bucks game, LeBron was picked up by the broadcaster’s cameras telling Davis, “I love you. I’ll just let you know I love you, bro. That’s all I want you to know.”

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Written by Jamil Johnson