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An Ohio man has been charged with attempted murder after putting a Florida police officer in a chokehold at Orlando International Airport.

An Ohio man, identified as Edward Hairston, 41, engaged in a frantic argument with a law enforcement official at the crowded Spirit Airlines counter at Orlando International Airport.

Surprisingly, he proceeded to strangle the officer while audaciously declaring that the same law enforcement officer had the capacity to terminate his life.

Mr. Hairston was arrested on Tuesday night after the harrowing incident, and he now faces a slew of serious charges, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, battery on a law enforcement officer, and the terrifying accusation of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, as meticulously documented in the authoritative Orange County arrest records.

The tense encounter occurred around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, following an unexpected encounter by law enforcement officials with a large group of people who, regrettably, displayed escalating levels of aggression towards the esteemed personnel representing Spirit, even going so far as to issue distressing threats aimed at them.

These facts, precisely documented in the accompanying arrest affidavit, offer a comprehensive account of the traumatic occurrence.

Hairston was positioned ideally near to the Spirit ticket office, sitting on the giant luggage scales, in the midst of a hectic scene of people moving about the neighborhood.

He engaged in a furious verbal battle with the staff, their ears subjected to his strong exclamations, in a display of unfettered anger.

This dramatic event was told by the Orlando officer, whose name was discreetly removed from the record for the sake of anonymity.

As the tense episode unfolded, Hairston’s agitation escalated to new heights, manifesting in an audacious act that transcended the boundaries of propriety.

Without any hesitation, he extended his arm across the counter’s boundary, emboldened by his fervor, and firmly clasped the computer keyboard, commencing a series of forceful strikes upon its beleaguered buttons.

Sensing the imminent danger that lurked in his destructive intent, the alert officer promptly intervened, instinctively seizing hold of the perturbed customer, resolute in their resolve to avert any damage to the cherished property of the establishment.

This dramatic sequence of events was meticulously captured and documented in the sworn affidavit.

In an exciting change of events, he began a vigorous wrestling battle with an officer, which was detailed in the report.

According to the officer, Hairston resorted to a chokehold in an alleged demonstration of physical prowess, tightly squeezing and compressing the officer’s airway, so limiting his breathing.

The officer said in a report, “I started to feel lightheaded and immediately spotty as my airflow was restricted and I was starting to lose consciousness.”

Because I was only partially aware, I tried to tear his arm away from my neck but was initially unsuccessful.

When backup arrived, the officer was released, and Hairston was taken into custody.

The officer’s report states that Hairston said he “let me live” and “he could’ve killed me” while he was waiting for medical attention.

Nothing in the arrest affidavit indicated what may have triggered the consumers’ response.

According to Orange County jail records, Hairston was in custody on Friday and being detained without bond after posting $50,450.

It wasn’t immediately apparent whether the defendant had retained or been given a lawyer.

On Friday, a Spirit representative could not be reached for comment.

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Written by Anthony Peters