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CNN’s Van Jones Has a Meltdown Over Supreme Court Rulings, Claiming Trump Appointed Justices Are ‘Remaking America’

He made an assertive declaration in a rather bold and audacious manner, implying with absolute certainty that the justices appointed by former President Trump, who now hold prestigious positions on the court, are engaged in an extensive and transformative process, reshaping the very fabric of the United States of America.

His statements have an air of conspiracy about them since he implies that this vast undertaking was methodically planned and performed over many decades.

The obvious effect of these actions on his fellow CNN employees adds a fascinating twist to an already intriguing issue.

Their expressions look to be completely wrecked as if the weight of these legal decisions has caused a feeling of defeat and sorrow inside the boundaries of the studio.

The whole ambiance is that of a solemn burial, when grief and mourning hang thick in the air, creating a tangible pall over the entire arena.

VAN JONES: This is a tragedy if you care about inclusiveness and fair opportunity, and if you care about people who don’t have much and are trying to make it today.

We forget that it is a catastrophe that is the consequence of a plan. This is a planned attempt by conservatives to seize control of the courts and use them to accomplish what is occurring now.

In the ’80s and ’90s, the Federalist Society started organizing on college campuses, bringing together law students. Mitch McConnell was laser-focused on stacking the courts and obstructing Obama, and now you have three Trump nominees, three, rebuilding America as they saw fit.

Everything I taught in law school is no longer applicable. Standing used to be required.

“I’m concerned about the law, and I wanted the Supreme Court to tell me I’m right,” but that is precisely what occurred with LGBTQ rights. This lady had not been sued by anybody, and she had no need to appear in court.

Standing used to be significant, but that is no longer the case. Precedents and previous judgments used to be important, but that is no longer the case.

And the Supreme Court used to rule narrowly, what is the most limited method to deciding an issue, and nope. We will consider any idea that will allow us to target certain populations.

This is a crisis of legitimacy caused by a conservative movement that realized it was losing public opinion to a more inclusive age. As a result, they are now using the Supreme Court to slam the door of opportunity for generations of Americans, which is alarming.

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Written by Anthony Peters