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YK Osiris Faces Backlash After He Appeared To Forcibly Kiss Sukihana

YK Osiris has been accused of sexual assault after forcefully kissing Sukihana at a recent event in Atlanta.

The 24-year-old rapper and singer shocked many as he grabbed the 31-year-old television personality’s face and planted a seemingly unwanted smooch on her at an event for The Crew League.

Over the weekend, the Miami native sat in between Lil Duval and FunnyMarco as they commentated the Crew League basketball tournament in Atlanta.

According to footage that was posted on Wednesday, June 14, YK Osiris can be seen walking up to Suki midway through the game.

He began to massage her shoulders before he grabbed her by the chin and planted a kiss on her lips. She was visibly uncomfortable as she tried to make attempts to move away from him, but he ended up going back in for another kiss.

One of the fellow commentators eyes open wide and his mouth is agape as he is witnessing what is going on next to him as YK Osiris fails in his attempt to kiss her on the lips.

YK Osiris then takes advantage as he goes in for the kiss again as she continues to yell as he actually makes contact with her lips this time around.

The other commentators looked on but did not put forth any efforts physically or verbally to prevent the incident.

Sukihana appeared stunned as YK walked away, but later tweeted, “I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive. I feel things more then the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day. I asked God to strengthen me and use me to help others and to order my steps in his word. I just want to go away for awhile.”

“I am hurt and I am scared to stand up for myself.”

On Wednesday she went back on Twitter to write

This is not the first time claims have been thrown at YK Osiris as back in November 2019, he was accused of choking and biting his girlfriend while in Atlanta.

YK Osiris offered a public apology to Sukihana after being accused of sexually assaulting rapper Sukihana.

“I want to publicly offer my sincerest apology to Sukihana. In an attempt to be playful, I misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries. I understand the importance of consent and I am embarrassed by my behavior.”

He continues: “I take full responsibility and have made multiple attempts to apologize. I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her.”

Sukihana deactivated her Twitter account after claiming that she was “scared” to stand up for herself.

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Written by Rene Harris