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YFN Lucci Rejects 20Year Plea Deal In Favour Of RICO Trial

The YSL RICO trial has taken yet another messy turn as YFN Lucci announced his refusal to take a plea deal.

Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci rejected a plea deal that was offered in the RICO case against him and instead wants to go to trial to clear his name.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis offered Lucci a 20-year sentence, with 17 years to serve in prison. In exchange, Lucci would have to plead guilty to felony murder, racketeering, aggravated assault, and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

The sweetheart plea deal will reportedly give the rapper (real name Rayshawn Bennett) 20 years behind bars for all crimes, including the RICO crimes for which he must serve at least 17 “inside.”

And though the plea deal hadn’t been confirmed on Thursday, it was confirmed on Saturday (June 10) that the sweetheart plea deal was indeed offered to the “Man Down” rapper who outright rejected the offer.

“His attorneys, Drew Findling and Gabe Banks, tell us the plea offer is “absurd,” and they strongly hinted the D.A. is intentionally dragging her feet they point out Lucci is still waiting to go to trial after 2.5 years in custody,” reported the outlet.

“Despite the obstacles consistently placed in the way of Mr. Bennett’s constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial, we continue to be ready and prepared to defend these false allegations,”

the attorneys added.

In January 2021, Lucci turned himself in after Atlanta police said he was wanted for multiple charges for his role in the shooting death of a 28-year-old man.

Then in May 2021, the “Man Down” rapper was listed among a dozen suspects indicted in a 75-page, 105-count racketeering indictment focused on factions within the Bloods street gang.

The indictment states that YFN Lucci is an associate of the Bloods and is accused of tampering with evidence of a homicide by concealing a crime scene and vehicle by hiding it, assaulting someone by strangulation, and encouraging the striking and kicking of that person for playing rival gang music.

In another report from earlier this week, it was alleged that several huge names in hip-hop will be called to the witness stand as Bennett’s case unfolds.

Among them are Gunna, Lil Baby, and Young Thug, though the latter is highly unlikely to appear as his own legal proceedings are still playing out at this time.

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