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Ye’s lawyer disputes ‘dystopian’ assertions concerning Donda Academy and urges the court to dismiss the case

The lawyer said that the depiction of Donda Academy as a “dystopian institution crafted to cater to Ye’s peculiarities” was false and misleading.

“In a filing to the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday, attorney Gregory Suhr vehemently refuted the veracity of these claims, claiming that they are entirely false.”

He went on to say that such charges “not only misrepresent Donda Academy’s dedicated staff and students, but also undermine the positive experiences reported by parents associated with the institution.”

Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, two former instructors, filed a wrongful termination case in April, saying that they were fired as a consequence of reporting code breaches. These claims were mentioned in the complaint.

Another former instructor was added to the case earlier this month, bringing the total to three.

Former techers provided a bleak picture of the school in Southern California, claiming that there were no janitors or medical workers on hand. They further claimed that utensils, jewelry, and clothing that did not follow a black color scheme or were not created by Ye were barred.

The Black teachers alleged that they were subjected to racial discrimination and that officials failed to react to serious bullying. They further claimed that students were given just sushi and that their salaries were often $2,700 short.

According to the filing this week, Donda Academy will respond to the charges presented by Byers and Hailey.

According to the document, Ye is entirely responsible for the incorrect salary claims, which he dismisses owing to his lack of engagement in Donda’s rules, processes, and procedures governing employee pay and wage statements. In reaction to these charges, the school plans to strongly defend itself.

According to the evidence that was provided, the Plaintiffs are clearly aware of this fact.

However, as is often the case with Ye, a renowned artist and entrepreneur, the Plaintiffs have carelessly introduced an unfounded and rudimentary guilt-by-association theory in their complaint solely to attract media attention and the subsequent pressure to reach a settlement.

The brief calls the allegations “improper” and requests that the court dismiss them.

Suhr did not address the third teacher’s complaints, stating in this week’s filing that they are unrelated to Ye.

Donda Academy’s lawyers have not replied to calls for comment. Last month, they condemned the complaint as “fatally uncertain, ambiguous, and unintelligible.”

The former teachers’ lawyer, Ron Zambrano, vehemently attacked the dismissal request, claiming that it lacked any logical basis.

Zambrano said that the CEO, secretary, and top financial officer of the school, who is the defendant in this action, stating that he had no role in Donda’s employee remuneration rules and practices is just ludicrous.

“Mr. West’s apparent intention is to evade accountability for a situation that he alone created,” he asserted unequivocally. “We continue to believe in the ultimate triumph of truth,” he continued.

Furthermore, Zambrano represents a third person engaged in the litigation, a former teacher who recently claimed that her dismissal was the consequence of parental complaints about inadequate book availability in her classroom.

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Written by Anthony Peters