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Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Claims He Filed For Divorce By Accident: “I Fired The F**king Bonehead That Did That Mistake”

WR Tyreek Hill Claims He Filed For Divorce

Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Claims He Filed For Divorce By Accident. During the most recent turn of events in his marriage, Tyreek Hill fired the “f–king bonehead” who had filed for divorce.

Where exactly did this portion of the Dolphins’ appearance on “Hard Knocks” take place?

Tyreek Hill, who recently denied that he was getting divorced despite papers being filed in Florida to dissolve his recent marriage, has clarified the situation more on the matter.

And he has said that he “fired” individuals for what he is referring to as a mistake.

In November, the wide receiver for the Dolphins tied the marriage with Keeta Vaccaro. However, according to court documents in Broward County, a lawyer for Hill named Gary F. Celetti filed for divorce from the lady he had been engaged to since July 2021. Hill’s divorce petition was filed on Monday.

Earlier in the week, Hill denied the complaint on social media. On Thursday, Hill turned to Twitch, where he frequently broadcasts, to share his side of the story. Hill is a streamer.

He contends that he never permitted anybody else to submit the paperwork on his behalf.

When asked about his wife and his company, Hill said, “Now a lot of people have been in my business lately, me and Kee’s business.” “And I just have to say that it is a terrible thing. A lot of our stuff is public record, but behind closed doors, a lot of people got fired as well for just doing things without our permission,” she said.

Hill proceeded by saying, “It’s a terrible thing that my wife and I have to go through that.” It is true, according to the public records, and at the moment, we are in the process of putting things right. I terminated the employment of the f–king idiot who made that error. At this point, it is terrible.

According to TMZ, Hill also stated that despite the filing, he is still married at this time, despite the fact that he needed to discuss the matter with his wife.

In the wild-card round of the playoffs, which took place earlier this month, the great wide receiver and his Dolphins were ousted from the playoffs after suffering a defeat to the Chiefs by a score of 26-7.

In 2018, Hill set a new record for the club by catching 119 receptions and accumulating 1,799 receiving yards.


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