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Akademiks Faces Rape and Defamation Lawsuit: Woman Alleges Brutal Assault

Akademiks Faces Rape and Defamation Lawsuit: Woman Alleges Brutal Assault

Akademiks Faces Rape and Defamation Lawsuit: Woman Alleges Brutal Assault. DJ Akademiks, the popular internet personality, is facing a lawsuit filed by Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe, alleging rape, defamation, and sexual assault. Abashe claims that Akademiks, whose real name is Livingston Allen, along with two other individuals, brutally assaulted her in 2022.


The lawsuit, detailed in Rolling Stone, sheds light on the disturbing events that allegedly took place on July 16, 2022.

According to Abashe, she had initially met Akademiks in 2021 and had dated him for a period of time. However, the relationship took a dark turn when she visited his house in 2022. Abashe alleges that upon arrival, she was introduced to two men, referred to as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, who she claims drugged her and plied her with alcohol before sexually assaulting her near Allen’s pool deck. The lawsuit states that the alcohol impacted her memory and caused her to lose consciousness.


Abashe further alleges that when she woke up in the early hours of July 17, 2022, she found herself in a bedroom with DJ Akademiks, who she claims was raping her. She describes in the lawsuit how she begged him to stop. Abashe claims she was physically unable to move during the assault and cried for most of it.


The lawsuit continues with Abashe’s account of confronting Akademiks the following day, July 18, 2022, about the events of the previous night. She alleges that he showed her surveillance footage of the pool assault and pointed to a garbage can containing condom wrappers, which she understood as evidence of the two John Does continuing to assault her elsewhere in the house.


Text messages included in the lawsuit reveal a conversation between Abashe and Akademiks, where he allegedly told her to “get tested” after the incident.


Abashe found this odd, as they hadn’t been intimate for over a year, but she deduced from his remarks that he had engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse with her that night.


Abashe claims to have undergone a rape kit at a hospital, where some of Allen’s sperm was reportedly found. Photographs of bruises on her arm, back, buttocks, and legs were taken as evidence. The lawsuit also mentions a recorded conversation between Abashe and Akademiks where he allegedly admits to having sexual intercourse with her, describing her genitalia in graphic detail.


Following these events, Abashe went to the authorities, leading to a warrant to search Akademiks’ premises. She alleges that he attempted to destroy evidence by disposing of items near his office.


This lawsuit comes after Abashe publicly accused Akademiks of assault in December 2023. At that time,


Akademiks denied her claims during a Rumble livestream, stating that the situation had been reported to the authorities over a year and a half ago and that he and his lawyer had cooperated fully. He also made comments suggesting that the sexual encounter was consensual.


Abashe’s lawsuit accuses Akademiks of defamation, claiming that he falsely accused her of willingly participating in an orgy with his friends while denying his involvement. She insists that he knew his comments were misleading and false.


In a statement regarding the case, Abashe expressed confidence that justice will prevail, saying, “I’m confident that justice will prevail and the veil will be removed so no other woman will have to endure what I did.”


The lawsuit against DJ Akademiks brings attention to the serious issue of sexual assault and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions. As the legal process unfolds, the truth of what happened on that fateful night in 2022 will hopefully come to light.


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