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Whoopi Goldberg Leaves “The View” During Miranda Lambert Selfie Debate — To Take a Photo with 91-Year-Old Fan!

“If you’re going to spend $750 to come to my concert, then give me the respect of watching me while I do my thing, or don’t come!” According to Goldberg

During a tense discussion regarding Miranda Lambert’s last headline-making concert, in which she publicly called out a fan for snapping pictures, the EGOT winner departed the stage, informing co-hosts Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, “I’m leaving!”

“They don’t want to be there,” Goldberg, 67, told the panel, with many arguing that they saw all sides of the discussion. “They came to see her if they paid for the tickets.”

 So, if she’s singing, at least be respectful. Recognize that if you can see her, she can see you! … She notices what you’re doing and that you’re neglecting her.

It’s similar to becoming a lounge singer. You go into a pub, someone is playing the piano, and no one is paying attention! That’s how it is for her.”

But Hostin, 54, was not convinced. “I’m not split on this at all,” she explained. “If I pay $757, I can take as many selfies as I want.” Sorry, that was just me.”

That’s when Goldberg reacted. “Do you know what?” “Stay at home,” the Sister Act actress advised. “If you’re going to spend $750 to come to my concert, then give me the respect of watching me while I do my thing, or don’t come!”

“Turn on the television, girl,” she said to Hostin before rising up and leaving the scene.

The co-hosts, perplexed, questioned Goldberg, “Where are you going?” And, while Goldberg seemed to be furious, there was a beautiful reason she was leaving the stage.

As she entered the crowd, Goldberg informed that she would be taking a photo with a special audience member. “I’d like to take a picture with this wonderful 91-year-old woman.”

So, just me and you, we’re going to have a selfie,” she continued, urging the woman to take the photo before signing off for the session. “Are you going to press that button?” We’ll be right there.”

Lambert, 39, divided fans with her statements on Saturday night, which occurred during her engagement at Las Vegas’ Bakkt Theater.

“I’m going to stop right here for a second, I’m sorry,” the country singer said to the audience as she began to play her 2016 hit “Tin Man,” according to video clips. “These girls are preoccupied with their selfies and aren’t paying attention to the song.”

“It irritates me a little,” the Palomino singer remarked. “I’m sorry, but I don’t like it. At all. Tonight, we’ve come to hear some country music. I’m singing some damn country song.”

One of the women in the selfie afterwards stated that she was “appalled” by the occurrence. “It was 30 seconds at most,” Adela Cali, a social media influencer who subsequently shared the photo to Instagram, told NBC News.

“We took the picture quickly and were going to sit back down.”

Calin recounted that she and her companions had attempted to shoot photographs before to the start of the Las Vegas event on Saturday night, but “the lighting wasn’t great.”

Instead, she requested a fan behind the group to photograph them before they left. “We just couldn’t get one good picture,” Calin explained. “We were so excited because I think we had the best seats in the house in the whole theater.”

Following Lambert’s statements, Calin stated that the show “was not the same.” She told Good Morning America, “I felt like I was back in school, and me and my friends did something that irritated the teacher, and she scolded us, and she told us to sit down.”

“Everyone was having so much fun. We would occasionally stand up and dance. It was a lot of energy. But after that, it was just, um, it wasn’t the same,” Calin explained.

Lambert’s representative had no more comment.

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Written by Anthony Peters