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Whoopi Goldberg accuses voters of having ‘selective memory,’ furious about being better off four years ago

Whoopi Goldberg accuses voters

Whoopi Goldberg accuses voters of having ‘selective memory,’ She also slammed the question of whether Americans are better off now compared to four years ago as “stupid,” highlighting her frustration with oversimplified political discussions.

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” sparked a debate about Americans’ perception of progress over the past four years, criticizing the question often posed by Republicans regarding whether people feel “better off” than they were previously. Goldberg highlighted the importance of acknowledging progress in various areas beyond just economic indicators.

She pointed out concerns such as the exclusion of certain histories from educational curricula and the challenges faced by marginalized groups, particularly Black people, women, and immigrants during the previous administration.

“So why is it some people are having short memory issues? There are plenty of other reasons to feel good about where we actually are. Why isn’t that tracking?” she asked.

Her criticism of the question as “disrespectful to the American people” resonates with those who feel that reducing the complexities of national progress to a single metric oversimplifies the reality of people’s lives. She argues that the true measure of progress lies in the experiences of individuals and communities, particularly those who have been historically marginalized or disadvantaged.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former member of the Trump administration, added nuance to the discussion by acknowledging the economic gains made under President Biden while also recognizing that some individuals may have felt financially secure during the previous administration. This acknowledgment reflects the complexity of assessing overall well-being and underscores the importance of considering diverse perspectives and experiences.

Sunny Hostin echoed Goldberg’s sentiments while emphasizing the need for the Democratic Party to effectively communicate the improvements made under President Biden. Hostin highlighted the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as a significant factor contributing to her assessment of the past four years.

She criticized Trump’s management of the crisis, attributing it to the loss of over a million American lives, including her own in-laws. Hostin’s remarks underscore the deep personal toll of the pandemic and the importance of effective leadership during times of crisis.

Ana Navarro shared her personal experience of anxiety and fear during the Trump administration, highlighting the emotional toll of living under a presidency marked by controversy and turmoil. Navarro’s account sheds light on the psychological impact of political uncertainty and division, emphasizing the need for leadership that prioritizes stability and unity.

The fox News poll referenced during the segment revealed a stark divide in public opinion regarding the state of the nation. While just 22% of voters reported feeling “better off” than four years ago, more than twice as many, 52%, indicated feeling “worse off.” The poll also found that a significant majority of voters, 73%, rated the economy negatively, reflecting widespread concerns about economic stability and prosperity.

Overall, the discussion on “The View” highlights the complex and multifaceted nature of progress and well-being in America. While economic indicators play a significant role, other factors such as social justice, healthcare, and national unity also shape people’s perceptions of progress. By acknowledging the diverse experiences and perspectives of Americans, the co-hosts underscore the importance of addressing the complex challenges facing the nation and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future.


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