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Halle Bailey’s Triumphant Return to Music After New Motherhood

Halle Bailey's Triumphant Return to Music After New Motherhood

Halle Bailey’s Triumphant Return to Music After New Motherhood. The singer and actress, 24, shared an exciting update on Instagram on Wednesday, June 19, revealing her plans to pivot back to music.

I have one more week until I wrap this movie and then it’s back to my love musicccc ♥️,”

Halle wrote, alongside a photo of herself in a turquoise bikini top and skirt, matching her turquoise guitar and strap.

Halle and her sister Chloe Bailey, who together form the acclaimed duo Chloe x Halle, have also been teasing new music for 2024. In February, the sisters spoke with PEOPLE about their partnership with CORE Hydration and their upcoming musical projects. “We’re definitely working on really exciting things together, and it’s been very nostalgic,” said Chloe, 25. “It’s bringing us back to our roots, and we can’t wait until we can present that to the world.” She added that the music will “definitely be huge.”

The pair revealed that in addition to their joint musical endeavors, they are also working on solo projects. “I would definitely just say you’ll see new music and new projects, and more seeing us together,” Halle said. “It’s more blessings, and we’re just really grateful and excited to be continuing.” Chloe added, “The possibilities are endless, and I’m just really proud of my sister, and I’m proud of myself. We still have a long way to go to where our goals are, so we are just going to keep pushing.”

Chloe x Halle’s last joint collaboration was their 2020 album, Ungodly Hour. Following that release, Chloe launched her solo career with her debut album, In Pieces, in 2023, while Halle released her first solo single, “Angel,” that same year. Their discography as a duo includes their 2018 debut album, The Kids Are Alright, the 2017 mixtape The Two of Us, and EPs like 2013’s Uncovered and 2016’s Sugar Symphony.

In addition to their musical achievements, both sisters have been successful in acting. Halle Bailey, who recently welcomed her son Halo with boyfriend DDG in January, is set to star in Michael Gondry’s Atlantis. She has also starred in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid and the musical adaptation of The Color Purple. Meanwhile, Chloe Bailey has starred in films such as Jane, Praise This, and The Georgetown Project. In April, Chloe made her first solo appearance at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, after she and her sister had previously performed there together.

The sisters’ commitment to their craft and their ability to juggle multiple projects is nothing short of inspiring. As they continue to push boundaries in both music and acting, their fans eagerly await their next releases. Halle’s announcement of her return to music is a testament to her dedication and passion, promising more incredible music from the talented artist.

Halle Bailey has garnered immense popularity and a devoted fan following due to her multifaceted talents as a singer and actress. As one half of the duo Chloe x Halle, she has captivated audiences with her vocal prowess and unique style. Her performances in major films like The Little Mermaid have further solidified her status as a rising star. Halle’s authenticity, creativity, and dedication have endeared her to fans, making her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Halle Bailey’s return to music marks an exciting new chapter in her multifaceted career. Balancing motherhood, acting, and her passion for music, she continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide. As she and her sister Chloe prepare to release new projects, their talent and dedication promise to deliver unforgettable experiences in both music and entertainment.


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Written by Jamil Johnson