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Triple Killing At A Mississippi Casino Has Left A Family Searching For Answers

Triple Killing At A Mississippi Casino

Triple Killing At A Mississippi Casino Has Left A Family Searching For Answers. Tednequa Moore, Tolisha Gordon’s daughter, who was 25 years old, passed away unexpectedly, turning Tolisha Gordon’s worst dread into a tragic reality.

Triple Killing At A Mississippi Casino Has Left A Family Searching For Answers. She stated, “I kept calling her and trying to call her, but I couldn’t get in touch with her.” “I couldn’t get in touch with her,” she claimed.

Moore, along with two other young men, Deshun Isabell, 24, and Steven Dewayne Burts, 23, were discovered dead inside a vehicle on Casino Center Drive in Tunica County on Friday night. Moore was found dead together with the other two guys.

After discovering that the vehicle the victims were travelling in had crashed, burnt, and was riddled with gunshot holes, the investigators are classifying the incident as a triple murder. Gordon claims that at the time of the event, the three individuals were on their way to a casino in the area.

“I’m simply curious about the reason why. Gordon remarked that she had done nothing at all. “She was a happy-go-lucky person who, as you probably know, got along well with everyone. She was quite into things like make-up and similar things. She was a dainty and dainty young child.

It has come to the attention of WREG that Deshun Isabell was Tednequa Moore’s boyfriend, and the two of them have a daughter who is ten months old. We also found out that Moore was pregnant at the time that they passed away.

The incident hits Deshun Isabell’s family very hard.

“The girl was my son’s love, and also they left a young baby for us to take care of, and we just want justice for our family,” said the man’s mother, Orshia Isabell Butler. “We just want justice for our family.”


Butler has said that she knows nothing about what took place. She said that the vicious act had no purpose and had left her with nothing but memories as a result.

“Even when we have a heated argument, he will still look at me and say, ‘Alright, momma. I love you.'” Let me get $20,’ is something that I want to remember because that was the last thing we discussed before he left my house on Friday night, and that’s what I want to remember, “Butler added.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office are collaborating on the investigation at this time.


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Written by Anthony Peters