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Tia Mowry Isn’t Returning To Her Former Lifestyle

Even though dating might be challenging, there’s no good reason to return to something that doesn’t work for you. That’s Tia Mowry’s strategy, at any rate.

The “Sister Sister” star tackles circulating reports that she is getting back together with her ex-husband Cory Hardrict in a new Instagram post. Additionally, Mowry provides additional details on how she is handling this new phase of her life.

She captioned the photo, saying, “Just because dating is complicated doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to something that no longer served me.” with the accompanying shot, Mowry looks straight into the camera while striking an assertive posture with a black tank top, army green shorts, black shoes, and long braids in her hair.

According to Mowry, returning to something that “no longer served” her would be “like telling myself that I’m going to give up on my dreams if I don’t book an audition or a part as an actor right away.”

If someone is thinking differently, she begs them to stop. I’m not that helpless! I’ve moved on, so please do the same. I’m grateful, next.

The actress and Hardrict parted ways a year ago after a 14-year marriage. After marriage in 2008, the couple has two kids: a girl, Cairo, 4, and a boy, Cree, 11.

According to court records, Mowry claimed irreconcilable differences when filing. “These decisions are never easy, and not without sadness,” she said as the caption for an Instagram photo announcing the divorce. While we co-parent our lovely children, we will be friends.

“I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter moving forward,” Mowry said. “I am grateful for all the happy times we had together.”

After a month, Mowry said that self-love was another factor in their breakup and that she was now emphasizing taking care of herself. In November 2022, Mowry said, “I knew when I started to focus on my happiness,” during an appearance on theshow.

“I think that women tend to put other people’s happiness first, making sure that our friends, family, and children are happy,” the woman said. “But in the end, it’s about self-love,” she said.

“I feel like where I am in my life right now, I’ve realized that life is beautiful, it’s amazing, it’s a gift, but it’s also very short, and we all have to chase our joy and chase being happy,” Mowry added in an interview with a media outlet around the same time. That is significant.

The reports have been refuted before the couple declared their breakup in October 2022. Rumors of adultery surfaced about Hardrict not long after they announced their divorce. He responded to an accusing remark with “Lies,” denying the accusations.

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Written by Anthony Peters