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Three Killed in Orlando Shooting, Including a Young 9-year-old Gymnast

T’yonna Major, 9, was among the three people who lost their lives when a gunman walked into her home outside Orlando and shot and killed the young gymnast. Her mother who is wounded has survived the attack.

“She was a light to everyone that knew her. She was everything to us.”

Tokiyo Majors, T’yonna’s father

The other two persons killed in the Pine Hill area shooting were a Tv journalist in a vehicle outside the Majors’ house and 38-year-old woman who was also shot dead by the gunman in the same neighbourhood early Wednesday morning.


19-year-old Keith Melvin Moses was arrested by the police from the site of the shooting and charged with murder.

The first victim 38-year-old Natacha Augustin who was allegedly shot early in the morning by Moses had given the shooter a lift in her car. When word of the murder spread reporters from Spectrum News 13 arrived at the scene, where the second victim reporter Dylan Lyons lost his life after getting caught in crossfire five hours of the first murder. Lyons was 24.

According to the authorities, the gunman Moses then walked into the Majors’ house nearby shooting the girl and her mother. Moses was finally caught by police and a semiautomatic handgun was recovered from him.

T’yonna’s father Tokiyo Major has launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral. “She was a light to everyone that knew her. She was everything to us,” the GoFundMe page for T’yonna Major states.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the alleged shooter pulls a George Floyd on the police when he is apprehended, screaming, “They’re killing me! I can’t breathe”.

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Written by Aliyah Collins