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The Daily Wire cuts ties with Candace Owens following her adoption of anti-Semitic language

The Daily Wire cuts ties with Candace Owens
The Daily Wire cuts ties with Candace Owens

The Daily Wire cuts ties with Candace Owens due to her adoption of anti-Semitic rhetoric, signalling a clear stance against such harmful ideologies. This move underscores the importance of accountability in media partnerships.

The decision by The Daily Wire to sever ties with Candace Owens marks a significant shift in the landscape of right-wing media and underscores the complexities surrounding controversial commentators and their platforms.

Owens, a polarizing figure known for her provocative statements and embrace of far-right ideologies, had been a prominent voice within The Daily Wire’s lineup since joining the outlet in 2021.

However, her recent comments and actions, particularly those steeped in antisemitism, prompted the termination of her association with the organization.

Owens’ departure from The Daily Wire comes amidst mounting criticism of her inflammatory rhetoric and dissemination of misinformation on various topics, ranging from vaccines to immigration. While The Daily Wire had previously stood by Owens despite her propensity for extremist and dishonest commentary, her repeated forays into antisemitic territory following the Hamas terror attack on Israel in October became untenable for the organization.

Owens’ assertions regarding the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza and her insinuations about a “sinister” Jewish presence in Hollywood and Washington, DC drew condemnation not only from within The Daily Wire but also from broader segments of society.

Ben Shapiro, a co-founder of The Daily Wire and a prominent conservative commentator, publicly rebuked Owens for her “disgraceful” rhetoric, highlighting the discomfort her statements caused within the organization. Owens’ response, which included a thinly veiled antisemitic jab at Shapiro, further exacerbated tensions and highlighted the rift between her and her former employer.

Despite attempts to downplay the significance of the disagreement, Owens’ subsequent interview with Tucker Carlson, a controversial right-wing figure, further underscored her contentious relationship with The Daily Wire and its leadership.

In addition to her antisemitic remarks, Owens’ behavior on social media, including endorsing a post accusing a rabbi of being “drunk on Christian blood,” drew condemnation from organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL’s criticism of Owens for perpetuating antisemitic tropes and fueling hatred further intensified scrutiny of her activities and raised questions about the responsibility of media platforms in addressing extremist content.

“Their attacks will have the opposite desired effect,” Owens said. “It is Awaken world.”

While Owens’ departure from The Daily Wire signifies a break in her professional relationship with the organization, it does not diminish her influence or platform within right-wing circles. With millions of followers across various social media platforms, Owens continues to wield significant influence and amplify her extremist viewpoints to a receptive audience. Her alignment with former President Donald Trump and her vocal support for his agenda further solidify her standing within the conservative movement, despite her recent controversies.

The decision to sever ties with Owens also brings attention to broader issues within right-wing media, including the promotion of divisive and discriminatory narratives.

While The Daily Wire’s slate of hosts, including figures like Matt Walsh, have courted controversy with their commentary on LGBTQ issues, Owens’ departure highlights the delicate balance media organizations must strike between free speech and responsible discourse. As debates over the boundaries of acceptable speech continue to evolve, Owens’ expulsion from The Daily Wire serves as a reminder of the consequences of crossing those lines in a media landscape increasingly fraught with polarization and extremism.

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Written by Jamil Johnson