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“Teach the truth” Black professor rebels against Desantis’ woke law restricting teachings on race

Dr. Marvin Dunn, a professor emeritus at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, has gone against Florida governor Ron DeSantis‘ law prohibiting lessons on race with his “Teach the Truth” tour, where he highlights racism in the state.

Dunn is one of eight plaintiffs in the case against DeSantis’ Stop Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act (WOKE).

The professor has been sponsoring his Black history tours through his Miami charity to take students to historic sites, spotlighting Florida’s history with racism.

Dunn has been guiding students on his “Teach the Truth” tour since DeSantis’ push to ban African American studies.

“We’re going to keep on teaching it. This is the antidote to the DeSantis-izing of history.”

Dunn said

Dunn has already guided over two-dozen high school students and their families to the museum where civil rights activist couple Harry T. Moore and Harriette V.S. Moore were murdered on Christmas 1951 from a bomb planted underneath their home.

Additionally, he has spotlighted tragedies such as the Newberry Six, where  Rev. Josh J. Baskin and five other Black Floridians were lynched by a white mob in 1916.

Dunn’s tour also stops through Rosewood, a town built and populated by Blacks that was set on fire by a White mob in 1923.

DeSantis’ mission is an effort to restrict race-based conversation, analysis, and education.

The Florida Department of Education refused the College Board’s new AP African American studies course earlier this month describing it as lacking in educational value.

Dunn plans to take another group of students on his “Teach the Truth” tour during the upcoming legislative session in the spring.

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Written by Jamil Johnson