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Suspected OWI Leads to Human Trafficking Charges

Suspected OWI Leads to Human Trafficking Charges

After an OWI stop, a Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy spotted a missing teen in the car. On Saturday, March 2, 36-year-old Kenneth Hampton was stopped over, necessitating a background check.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office reported a young woman in Hampton’s passenger seat and an underage female in the back. The unsettling revelation sparked additional investigation into their presence.

“That officer did his job and he did a great thing because he probably saved that girl’s life.” Debbie Lassiter

The 17-year-old girl shared terrible details of her ordeal when questioned. Deputies learned she was forced into Hampton’s car after leaving her group home. She described a terrifying incident where a man approached her between 49th and Capitol and forced her into his car for a sexual act.

Convergence Resource Center executive director and co-founder Debbie Lassiter stressed the severity of the situation. Lassiter, who has fought human trafficking for 20 years, noted its insidiousness. She stressed the necessity of being watchful and aggressive in spotting and combating exploitation.

“Someone can get in a car and transport them somewhere they don’t want to go in a minute,” Lassiter said. “Due to a lack of awareness, we often let our guard down.”

Law enforcement bravely saved the girl from a dangerous situation. Lassiter said the sheriff’s deputy’s quick response likely saved the girl’s life.

Kenneth Hampton was arrested for human trafficking after the finding. Hampton was accused of forcing the youngster to showcase lingerie at his house to bring her to Minnesota for forced prostitution.

Hampton denied the charges, but police issued a search warrant at his home, confirming the victim’s assertions. Human trafficking is a severe issue even in booming cities like Milwaukee.

Authorities continue to protect vulnerable people who may be exploited and abused as the investigation continues. Hampton’s arrest highlights the need for vigilance and fast action to stop human trafficking and protect vulnerable people.

The missing teen found in Hampton’s car highlights human trafficking, which exploits vulnerable people in plain sight.

Performing a search warrant at his home confirmed the victim’s account and strengthened the case against the accused.

The lady found in Hampton’s car was also arrested for an outstanding warrant, highlighting the complexity of the incident and the multiple criminal activity law enforcement authorities encounter.

The trial underlines the dangers of human trafficking and the need for teamwork to combat it. Convergence Resource Center raises awareness, provides resources, and fights for anti-exploitation and abuse laws.

The successful law enforcement intervention emphasizes the need for proactive human trafficking detection and response. Authorities aim to disrupt trafficking networks and bring culprits accountable through proactive patrols, rigorous investigations, and strong community connections

Despite hardships, survivors and advocates fight human trafficking, offering hope for a future without exploitation and compulsion and with everyone given freedom and dignity.

Authorities remain committed to justice for victims and community safety as the investigation continues. Kenneth Hampton’s arrest sends a powerful message that human trafficking will not be allowed and perpetrators will be prosecuted.

As communities fight human trafficking, law enforcement, advocacy groups, and concerned people offer hope in the fight for justice and human rights.

In conclusion, Kenneth Hampton’s arrest highlights the severity of human trafficking and the need for coordinated action to stop it. Communities are united in protecting the most vulnerable and upholding justice and compassion through persistent resolve and conviction.


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