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Sukihana Blasts Sapphire And Mariahlynn In The New “Baddies East” Episode Preview

The failure of Natalie Nunn and Scotty to apologize is another subject that seems to be addressed in this episode. However, it is not because they did not try to do so.

In this episode preview, all the stories focus on the tensions among the cast members. Baddies East has returned, and it seems they are more belligerent than ever, if possible.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about what is happening, you may check in to the Zeus Network at eight o’clock Eastern Standard Time today (Sunday, January 21).

Regarding what there is to look forward to, we know that the ladies are still on vacation to Jamaica, according to my understanding of the situation.

Not only did it result in much more tension, but it was also the source of one of the most contentious occurrences of the season up to that point, which was Smiley’s medical emergency and how many believed that she had fabricated it.

Not only that, but the very first thing we see in this promo for the Baddies East episode is Sukihana having a drink from Scarface spilled in her face.

After some time has passed, she confronts Sapphire, one of her closest friends on the reality television show, for failing to protect her adequately and for failing to follow through with her words after she has said them.

It has been shown that Suki does not discriminate when it comes to the smoke, and as a result, she also holds her buddies to a certain level of assault and defence. It is not the only problem she is dealing with, as we will discover soon.

Another aspect of this forthcoming episode of Baddies East will have Natalie Nunn and her friend Scotty attempting to reconcile their differences and get back on good terms.

It seems they engaged in a hostile exchange via text message, during which they shared negative comments about one another. Because they decided to engage in combat once again, it seems that their efforts were not particularly effective.

Because there seems to be a new adversary each week, it is unsurprising that Nunn is seeking new members.

While this happens, Sukihana and Mariahlynn will resume their feud in the next episode. The fact that Mariah has “secret issues” with the former that have not been brought to light yet can serve as either the climax of this episode or the lead-in to the next one.

The following week, we will determine whether or not this episode will be a one-time offer or whether or not none of this will be resolved by then.

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Written by Jamil Johnson