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Star Ohio State football players acquitted of rape after producing video of consent

Amir Riep, 24, and JahsenWint, 24 were acquitted on all counts after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman in their off-campus apartment on Feb. 4, 2020. She also claimed that they later forced her to state on camera that she consented.

“The jury learned what we’ve known for three years — Amir is absolutely innocent of these accusations. We are grateful for our jury, and Amir is thankful to be finally vindicated.”

said Riep’s defense attorney Dan Sabol.

After the two were accused, Ohio State football coach Ryan Day dismissed Riep, a cornerback, and Wint, a junior safety

Both players pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape and one charge of kidnapping in March 2020.

The woman told her account of the incident to the jury, while the attorneys for the two players argued that the woman had consensual sex with both men but regretted it afterward.

They also accused the woman’s father of insisting she pursue criminal charges

The video, captured via Riep’s cellphone, was played in court. While the footage is reportedly “visually dark,” the woman can be heard saying that she’s crying and then agreeing to the question of whether the encounter was consensual.

After less than four hours of deliberation, the jury found Riep and Wint both innocent of two counts of rape and a kidnapping charge. Riep and Wint embraced each other, and both cried after the jury verdict was read.

Each man faced more than 30 years in prison and registration as sex offenders if convicted.

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Written by Jamil Johnson