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Social Media Call Out Ciara for being a “Hypocrite”

The Grammy Award-wining singer, songwriter and actress was roasted by social media users after she put up a video of herself dancing to a song on twitter with the caption, “Positive Affirmations. Speaking life into myself! #DaGirls.”

The lyrics of the song did not sit well with many twitter users who called Ciara out for being a “hypocrite”— for lyrics that peddle the single, strong, independent woman narrative while living a life that is complete opposite of what she preaches. Ciara’s biggest hits “Goodies” and “That’s Right” champion the idea of an independent woman who refuses to let men dictate life.

“Don’t ever let ’em disrespect you and call you out your name
You have these boys obsessed, they can’t stop bitchin’ in your name
I’m bad, I’m gorgeous, I’m very important
How you callin’ me a snake and know I’m standing courtside
Lyrics from snippet

This is for the girls getting money (Ayy)
This is for the girls who don’t need no man
This is for the girls who love yourself
This is for all the girls who up and did it by themselves
This is for all the girls that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
This is for all the girls that be livin’ stress-free
This is for all the girls on a mission like me
This is for all the girls
This is for all the girls around the world
This is for the girls
This is for all the girls around the world, yeah, yeah
This is for my girls, ah
This is for my girls
This is for my girls, uh”

-Lyrics “Da Girls”

“At least some black women are now calling out her bs..Youcant be happily married with kids and still be glorifying single motherhood…doesn’t make sense” one user commented on YouTube.

“No Ciara, go write better lyrics. Keep beat and everything else but NO to pushing the single independent narrative when you are in your man’s house,hands, bed and other parts of him every night NO baby” user Rebel_Woman commented on her tweet.

Ciara Princess Wilson, 37, known professionally as Ciara shot to fame with her debut album (Goodies) in 2004. After a string of bad relationships that also involved the rapper Future, with whom she had a son in 2014, the single-mom finally found love in the shape of NFL quarterback Russell Wilson who she married in 2017. Russel is also raising her son.

Some users and celebrities came out in support of Ciara as well.

Toni Tone, Sunday Times Best Selling Author of “I Wish I Knew This Earlier” tweeted, “I personally like this song and the discourse is weird because people are acting like artists can never sing about their past experiences? Or maybe people are upset because they don’t have their own minds and shape their lives around celebs and lyrics too much. It’s a song. Lol.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins