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Snoop Dogg announces Death Row Records Catalog Is back on streaming services: ‘Heard You’

A little over a year after Snoop Dogg secured ownership of Death Row Records, many of its albums are back on streaming services.

The iconic rapper has inked a new deal putting Death Row classic records back on streaming platforms.

Dogg made a promise to fans a little less than a month ago that the music would be available and in a tweet, the 51-year-old dropped the announcement.

“Yessir. Heard you. Death Row Records catalog is back streaming everywhere tonight,”

Snoop tweeted

Jackson—Apple Music’s former Global Creative Director—launched a new venture called Gamma, described as an “one-stop-shop media company that creates, distributes, and markets content, from music to podcasts to films, offering resources and guidance to artists who want to build their brands and expand beyond music.”

With roughly $1 billion in capital and high-profile backers including Apple and A24, Snoop’s next two solo albums plus the inclusion of Death Row’s discography are among the first slate of confirmed releases.

The Doggystyle legend is part of Mount Westmore and the quartet released their debut LP, SNOOP CUBE 40 $HORT, last December.

“It made sense for two Black men to come together to change the face of the industry,” Snoop Doggsaid.

“I didn’t want to partner with a regular company because they respect me and fear me so much, they wouldn’t wanna give me ideas.”

Despite the exact dollar amount being kept private, the long-term deal between the Long Beach native and gamma allows rights to revert back to the 51-year-old rapper after they “work together to enrich the value of the IP.”

The confirmation of their partnership comes one month after gamma quietly released Death Row’s archive on TikTok.

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Written by Jamil Johnson