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Skai Jackson Responds to Backlash Over $5 MacBook Air Raffle: ‘I Do Not Need Money’

Jackson gained to prominence after appearing on the Disney series Jessie and Bunk’d, as well as Dancing with the Stars.

Jackson has a stated net worth of at least $2 million and has done everything from appear in the cartoon series Bubble Guppies to serving as a brand ambassador for Aerie. She is also a published author and businesswoman, according to her Instagram page.

Pop Crave reshared a portion of the live stream in which the 21-year-old former Disney star replied to the outcry by defending charging $5 for what she called a “raffle” and said, “It is not that serious.”

“I don’t know if you guys have been to school before, but I know I have, and we used to have raffles all the time, where you get a ticket — it might be a physical ticket — but you put in $5, $2, whatever, and you get a prize,” Jackson explained. “Raffles are common.”

She confirmed in the video that the money will be used entirely for the prize and that any leftover funds would be used to fund a second giveaway she planned to have “soon.”

“I don’t need money,” she explained. “I personally do not require money. And I’m not saying this in a braggadocious way…I’m simply letting you know that I don’t need money and that I’m doing good in my life. “I don’t require money.”

On July 8, Jackson appeared to have chosen a winner and released the fan’s Instagram account as well as a screenshot of their discussion.

Some Twitter users were skeptical, while others pointed out that charging people to enter a tournament may get her in hot water.

Jackson isn’t the only star to face controversy for a giveaway post. The Kardashians, who have millions of followers and considerably more money, used to routinely post “giveaways” of expensive items on their Instagram pages. The posts were so out of character for the sisters that some assumed they were hacked.

Sarah Moret, the founder and CEO of body-care firm Curie, explained in a TikTok video at the time why the Kardashians participate in these giveaways: money.

“Because [Curie has] been invited to do these before, I know that all 75 of these brands are paying $25,000 each to be a part of this giveaway,” Moret added. “That means the Kardashians and Scott are making $1.8 million in the current giveaway.”

While this was not what Jackson looked to be doing with her raffle, supporters were nevertheless outraged that celebrities were benefitting from fan involvement.

Skai Jackson has previously made news for bullying.

Jackson has previously been involved in some internet turmoil. In 2021, for example, she was accused of bullying Jodie Woods, the younger sister of model and Kyle Jenner’s former best friend, Jordyn Woods. The claims were eventually proven unfounded, but the drama has continued.

Rapper BhadBhabie accused Jackson of “talking rubbish” about her on her personal Instagram account and flirting with her ex-boyfriend NBA YoungBoy. Bhabie was 16 years old at the time.

However, like the other purported drama, this one appears to have burned out with no clear resolution.

Jackson, who has 8.6 million Instagram followers, is particularly active in promoting her current film, Sheroes, which was released on June 23.

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Written by Anthony Peters