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Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Comedians Recycling “Gay” Jokes

Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Comedians Recycling

When asked about it, Sharpe adds, “At some point in time, it’s going to get old.” Shannon Sharpe calls out comedians recycling.

Following the viral interview that Katt Williams gave to Club Shay Shay, a number of comedians have taken aim at Shannon Sharpe. This should not come as a surprise.

Just recently, for instance, Eddie Griffin made fun of Sharpe’s podcast by referring to it as Club Gay Gay when he was performing his show. It’s me and Katt who are the only two people who haven’t been seen wearing dresses, n***a.

That n**ga was called out, and I responded by saying, “N***a, let’s do the ‘Non-Wearing A Dress Tour.'” He continued by saying, “That s**t is going to be hot like a motherf*cker.”

Even while the joke was successful in eliciting a few chuckles, it is important to note that this is not the first time that Sharpe has been accused of being homosexual.

Sharpe made it a point to bring this to everyone’s attention on Nightcap not too long ago. At this point in time, he claims that the reason people are talking about him is simply because he is the “hot thing” now.

He went on to add that despite the fact that people continue to “use the same joke” over and over again, he is not going to allow such behavior affect him since he is aware of who he is.

“They’re using the same joke,” he said at the time. On the other hand, at some point in time, it is going to get old, and people are going to grow weary of you saying things like, “Shannon is homosexual, and Shannon is doing this… It’s going to be necessary for you to resume your habit of cracking jokes.

On the other hand, Griffin is not the only one who has been discussing Sharpe as of late. Recently, Rich Dollaz provided his opinion about the personality, which led to a subsequent meeting that was both unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Apparently, he bumped into Sharpe at the gym after the occurrence, and he hoped that Sharpe didn’t notice it was him since he didn’t “want no smoke” with him. He expressed his desire to avoid smoking with Sharpe.

In response to Shannon Sharpe’s assertion that comedians are running out of jokes about him, what are your thoughts on this matter? What about Rich Dollaz’s assertion that he and Sharpe had a chance encounter at the gym after “talking sh*t” about Sharpe?

Please leave your feedback in the comments area below, and be sure to check back with Hardknocknews for any updates or information.


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Written by Anthony Peters