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Rubi Calls DDG a Weirdo, Reveals His DMs to Her. Bailey Responds

Model and rapper Rubi a-once-upon-a-time girlfriend of DDG has jumped into fray of rumored and much-talked about break-up between rapper DDG and “The Little Mermaid” actress Halle Bailey.

Rubi sent out a tweet after Bailey’s Insta photo-story featured her wearing a t-shirt that looked identical to a t-shirt worn and posted on Insta by Rubi in 2020 when she was with DDG. Rubi’s cryptic tweet said, “Having [your] b**tch [wear] my clothes is crazy lol.”

The tweet, a barely-concealed dig at Bailey, sent Bailey’s fans into a state of frenzy, some of whom were quick to point out that Bailey may have got the outfit from Fashion Nova just like she had.

Rose did not shy away from confronting the animosity emanating from Bailey’s fan. She said she actually liked Halle.

“I like Halle, Ddg a weirdo thofasho”.

Last week rumours swirled on social media that Rapper DDG and Halle Bailey were breaking up, after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and DDG erased all pictures of Bailey from his feed. Later, however, DDG tried to quash these rumors by tweeting, “the internet so gullible.”

Ruby then dropped another bomb by sharing a screen-shotof a DM by DDG after Bailey’s fan assailed her for making a pass at DDG. She captioned the screenshot, “This is why im single.”

This was followed by Bailey entering the chat with a tweet imploring fans not to pay attention to gossip or feed into the lies.

“the devil is working. Lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party..stay blessed everyone”

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Written by Aliyah Collins