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Riley Gaines “Ambushed and Physically hit” after saving Women’s Sports speech at San Francisco State

The 12-time All-American champ — a former competitor of controversial trans swimmer Lia Thomas -— shared alarming footage of cops hustling her to safety late Thursday at San Francisco State University.

“Why are you running!” one of the protesters yells gleefully — before a short-haired activist jumps in front of her to scream abuse.

“This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces. Still only further assures me I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder,”

Riley Gaines said

“Yeah you f—ing transphobic bitch — I f–ing see you!” the deranged-sounding activist screams as Gaines tries to escape down a hallway.

Gaines’ footage — as well as other clips shared on social media — show security and university staff blocking the angry mob from following the distressed guest speaker as she’s taken to a safe room at 8:30 p.m.

“You crying! You f—ing crying bitch — f–k you!” one of the group screams.

“Bye bitch! F–k you,” the protesters yells, as others holding “Trans Lives Matter” signs chant “trans rights are human rights” and “Trans women are women.”

Gaines’ agent, Eli Bremer, said that she was then “barricaded” in a room “for three hours.”

“The police cannot break Riley free,” he said, with student outlet Golden Gate Xpress showing more than a dozen of San Francisco Police Department cops arriving in several squad cars as backup.

At 11:21 p.m., officers announced through a bullhorn that the gathering was an unlawful congregation and those refusing to leave would be arrested.

Gaines was finally able to leave at 11:38 p.m. — more than 3 hours after being first led to safety — with a huge police presence to stop her from being followed, online videos show.

She later said that she had been “ambushed and physically hit twice” in the mayhem.

“The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU,” she wrote.

Her husband, Louis Barker, also told Fox News Digital that the young swimmer reported being “hit multiple times.”

“I was shaking. It made me that mad. It makes me sick to feel so helpless about it,” the hubby said. “She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.”

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Written by Jamil Johnson