Rapper Young Thug Caught on Courtroom Camera Conducting a Drug Exchange with Co-Defendant

In a shocking courtroom video that has gone viral and inspired a flood of hilarious online memes, Jeffery Lamar “Young Thug” Williamsand his co-defendants are seen conducting what looks like a drug trade in a Fulton County court.

According to the Prosecution, the substance exchanged between the two is the contraband Percocet, popularly known was Perc. A Sheriff’s deputy noticed the trade and confiscated the item.

The Atlanta rapper, who is no stranger to courtroom drama and the criminal justice system has spent much of the last year behind bars. The 31-year-old Grammy award-winning artist has been charged with criminal gang activity in Georgia and is alleged to be one of the founding members of the “Young Slime Life,” or YSL, an Atlanta Street Gang formed in 2012.

Best known for his hit So Much Fun, Young Thug was sitting with his attorney when Kahlief Adams, his co-defendant passes him a package, the footage shows.

Prosecutors in Fulton County court have filed a motion against the defendants. The motion claims co-defendant Adams, who tried to resist arrest, was carrying marijuana, tobacco and other contraband items “wrapped in plastic and food seasonings to mask the odor of marijuana.” Adams is serving a life sentence for murder, the prosecutors said.

Keith Adams, Young Thug’s lawyer, said that his client was unaware of what was being passed on to him and that the prosecution is attempting to “make Mr William responsible for someone else’s actions.”

The lawyer termed the motion a complete misrepresentation of facts. He added that his client was not responsible for any wrongdoing and was unaware of Kahlief’s intentions, “Mr Adams gets up and walks toward the restroom and walks past him and goes to Mr. Williams a handshake and puts this pill in his hand which Mr. Wiiliams hadn’t asked for, didn’t know what it was and turned it over immediately to the deputy.” A courtroom video of the lawyer, however, shows him visibly perturbed looking at the video of the alleged exchange.

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Written by Aliyah Collins