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Jacksonville Rapper Nardo Wick Condemns Attack on Fan, Police Seek Two Suspects

Rapper Nardo Wick Condemns Attack on Fan

Jacksonville Rapper Nardo Wick Condemns Attack on Fan Police Seek Two Suspects. In a shocking turn of events, a 20-year-old fan seeking a photo with Jacksonville rapper Nardo Wick was violently assaulted by apparent members of the rapper’s entourage, leaving him critically injured. The incident occurred outside Club Skye in Tampa following a concert featuring Nardo Wick in the early hours of Monday morning.

                        Jacksonville Rapper Nardo Wick Condemns Attack on Fan Police                          Seek Two Suspects

A disturbing video of the assault quickly circulated on social media, revealing the fan being punched in the head by two men accompanying the rapper. According to the Tampa Police Department, the fan walked up to Nardo Wick after the concert, and the attack ensued. In the video, Nardo Wick can be seen attempting to intervene, later expressing his fury over the incident in a statement.

No way can I condone what happened to my fan George after my event. Multiple times before anything was written or online, I told him and his mama how sorry and concerned I was that it occurred to him “In an Instagram post, Wick (Horace Walls) said.

Nardo is really very upset about this embarrassing incident.

Police are actively seeking to identify the two suspects involved in the assault and have released their photos on Facebook. Wick, through a statement from his team, clarified that the attackers were “not his security nor are the individuals directly connected to Nardo.”

Pasco County resident George Obregon Jr. had a concussion and cerebral hemorrhage. Michelle Obregon, his mother, said her son, who has never been violent, did not deserve such an attack.

Nardo Wick’s management team also issued a statement expressing the rapper’s fury over the incident. The statement clarified that Wick took no part in the assault and immediately attempted to stop it when he realized what was happening. The rapper personally spoke with the victim’s mother on the night of the incident, expressing his concern.

As authorities continue their search for the two suspects, a friend of Obregon reported that after the attack, the assailants got into a vehicle with Nardo Wick, leaving the scene together. Tampa Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact them or submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay.


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