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Kodak Black Arrested: Rapper Faces Cocaine Possession Charges

Rapper Faces Cocaine Possession Charges

Kodak Black Arrested: Rapper Faces Cocaine Possession Charges. Renowned rapper Kodak Black, born Bill Kapri, faces another legal hurdle as he was arrested in Plantation, Florida, on charges including cocaine possession, tampering with evidence, improper vehicle stopping, and parole violation.

The 26-year-old “Super Gremlin” artist found himself in a county jail after a Plantation Police Department officer observed a black Bentley SUV blocking the roadway. The arresting officer reported finding Black asleep in the driver’s seat with a strong odor of burnt cannabis emanating from the vehicle.

In the encounter, officers discovered cannabis wrapping paper and residue, a Styrofoam cup smelling of alcohol, and a white powder falling from Kodak Black, according to the arrest records. Notably, a clear plastic bag containing a white chunky substance was allegedly found in Black’s pocket, and officers claim his mouth was “full of white powder” in an attempt to conceal evidence. Field tests conducted by the officers indicated that the substance was cocaine.

Kodak Black Arrested: Rapper Faces Cocaine Possession Charges. “This is an ongoing pattern of legal issues for Kodak Black, and his recent arrest on cocaine possession charges adds another chapter to his troubled history with the law.”


Kodak Black has faced legal issues. In July 2022, the Florida Highway Patrol stopped him in Fort Lauderdale for driving an SUV with unlawful window tinting. A small translucent bag with 31 white tablets and almost $75,000 in cash was located in the marijuana-smelling vehicle. Found oxycodone tablets. The Florida Highway Patrol found Black’s license and tag expired.

Previously in 2022, the Florida-born rapper was arrested in South Florida on trespassing charges, although prosecutors decided not to proceed with the case. In 2019, Kodak Black faced a federal prison sentence of 46 months after pleading guilty to weapons charges stemming from an arrest just before a scheduled concert performance.

However, in January 2020, he received a commutation for the sentence from then-President Donald Trump.

Throughout his legal career, the rapper has had ups and downs. The 2022 oxycodone tablet discovery and expired license and vehicle tag are just one of several law enforcement confrontations. After pleading guilty to weapons charges, Kodak Black received a 46-month federal sentence in 2019. The charges stemmed from an arrest just before a scheduled concert performance, revealing a pattern of entanglement with the law.

President Donald Trump commutated Kodak Black’s sentence in January 2020, surprise many. This move sparked concerns regarding executive clemency and the justice system’s handling of celebrities.

After the commutation, Kodak Black’s legal problems continued. His cocaine possession and related arrest shows a trend of legal difficulties. The rapper’s numerous legal issues have overshadowed his music.

Kodak Black’s arrest for cocaine possession adds another chapter to his complex legal history. As the rapper navigates the legal proceedings, the public watches closely, and his fans hope for a resolution that allows him to refocus on his music. The incident underscores the challenges faced by artists in managing their personal lives while navigating the spotlight of fame.

In the words of one observer, “Kodak Black’s journey has been marked by legal turbulence, and it’s a reminder of the delicate balance artists must strike between personal conduct and public expectations.”


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Written by Aliyah Collins