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    What’s your favorite type of humor?

    • a) Witty and sarcastic
    • b) Physical comedy and slapstick
    • c) Dry and deadpan
    • d) Quick one-liners and comebacks
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    How would you describe your fashion sense?

    • a) Trendy and stylish
    • b) Relaxed and casual
    • c) Quirky and unique
    • d) Classic and timeless
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    Pick a favorite catchphrase:

    • a) “Did I do that?”
    • b) “How you doin’?”
    • c) “Aw, here it goes!”
    • d) “Damn, Gina!”
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    What’s your go-to hobby or pastime?

    • a) Reading and expanding knowledge
    • b) Watching sports or playing video games
    • c) Playing an instrument or creating music
    • d) Shopping or attending social events
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    How do you handle stressful situations?

    • a) By making jokes and finding humor in the situation
    • b) By seeking advice from friends and loved ones
    • c) By taking a step back and analyzing the problem
    • d) By distracting yourself with something enjoyable
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    What’s your ideal way to spend a weekend?

    • a) Exploring a new city and trying new things
    • b) Relaxing at home with a good book or movie
    • c) Jamming out at a live concert or music festival
    • d) Attending a party or social gathering with friends
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    What role do you often play in your group of friends?

    • a) The witty and sarcastic one
    • b) The supportive and caring one
    • c) The creative and unique one
    • d) The life of the party
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    How would you describe your love life?

    • a) Full of ups and downs, but always interesting
    • b) Laid-back and casual, not looking for anything serious
    • c) Passionate and intense, with a touch of drama
    • d) Exciting and constantly evolving
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    Which of the following values is most important to you?

    • a) Intelligence and knowledge
    • b) Loyalty and friendship
    • c) Creativity and self-expression
    • d) Fun and enjoyment
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    Lastly, what’s your preferred type of comedy show?

    • a) Sitcoms with clever writing and relatable characters
    • b) Stand-up comedy specials with hilarious storytelling
    • c) Improv shows with spontaneous and unpredictable humor
    • d) Sketch comedy shows with a mix of different skits

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