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Rep. Bowman roars AIPAC will see the ‘power of the motherf—ing Bronx’ during rally speech

power of the motherf---ing Bronx

AIPAC will see the ‘power of the motherf—ing Bronx’. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) delivered a passionate speech at a rally on Saturday, criticizing US involvement in Israel and directing profanity-laced comments at AIPAC. Bowman, a longtime critic of the Israeli government, accused AIPAC of attempting to silence him and pledged to fight back.

“We are gonna show f—ing AIPAC the power of the motherf—ing South Bronx,” Bowman told the cheering audience.

“People ask me why I got a foul mouth. What am I supposed to do? You coming after me. You coming after my family. You coming after my children. I’m not supposed to fight back? I’m not supposed to fight back? We’re gonna show them who the f— we are.”

Bowman has been a vocal critic of the Israeli government and the ongoing war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, characterizing the conflict as a genocide against Palestinians. He repeated these positions at length during his rally, saying US dollars are being used to kill innocent civilians.

“We are not gonna stay silent while the US tax dollar kills babies and women and children. My opponent supports genocide. My opponent and AIPAC are the ones destroying our democracy,” Bowman said. He continued, “And it is on us, it is on all of us to save our democracy and save our collective humanity. Because this race is about our collective humanity.”

Bowman received an endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders at the rally, telling the crowd they must vote “against oligarchy” regardless of individual disagreements with Bowman.

“If you are a Democrat, if you’re voting in the Democratic primary, you must stand up against the oligarchy,” Sanders told the crowd.

“Maybe you disagree with Jamaal on this or that issue. That is not the key point of this campaign. The key point of this campaign is whether billionaires are able to buy the election — on that issue, every person who votes for the Democratic Party must be united.”

The primary race between Bowman and challenger George Latimer has become one of the most expensive House primary races in US history, with AIPAC launching a $14 million campaign against Bowman’s reelection. A recent poll by Pix11, which hosted a debate between Bowman and Latimer, conducted along with Emerson College and The Hill, showed Latimer leading Bowman 48% to 31%.

If Latimer wins the June 25 primary, he will be the first moderate Democrat to knock off a member of the left-wing “Squad.” The race has drawn national attention, with progressive groups and individuals rallying behind Bowman’s campaign. Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee, has been particularly vocal in its support for Bowman, and has called on its members to donate to his campaign.

Bowman’s speech on Saturday was met with cheers and applause from the crowd, and his message of resistance against AIPAC and the Israeli government resonated with many in attendance. Despite the challenges facing his campaign, Bowman remains optimistic about his chances, and his speech on Saturday was a testament to his determination to fight for his values and his constituents.


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Written by Darnell Simmons

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