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Lil Wayne’s Son Names Playboi Carti as the “New Lil Wayne”

Lil Wayne's Son Names Playboi Carti as the "New Lil Wayne"

Lil Wayne’s Son Names Playboi Carti as the “New Lil Wayne”. Most consider Lil Wayne one of the finest rappers ever. His music industry impact is undeniable. His son Lil Novi’s comments about another rapper made headlines. Neal, aka Lil Novi, told Flophouse Atlanta who he thinks will succeed his father.Lil Novi gave an intriguing answer to the question of the best rapper.

“Obviously my dad. I think Playboi Carti is Dwayne now. Yes, Carti. He’s there if you think. Has reached that level. He did ridiculous numbers,” stated Lil Novi.

Watch the interview online. It depicts an honest music and legacy discussion. Lil Novi’s Playboi Carti-Lil Wayne analogy is brazen. It shows how young people view modern rap.

Lil Novi emulates his father. He wants to be a musician. So far, fans have mixed reviews to his work. The 14-year-old Instagrammed live in March. A new music snippet was shared. He danced to the song and made hand signs.

The song is inspired by Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and Yeat. Distorted, high-pitched voices over a bass-heavy, video game-like beat. The full lyrics are unclear. However, Neal mentions drugs and sex. Content selection is problematic.

Fans promptly commented on social media. Not everyone was impressed. The critic said on Instagram, “Bro didn’t get the right genes.” Another said, “How is your dad one of the best rappers alive and you do this.” Fan criticism is seen here.

Others were kinder to the young artist. A supporter said, “He gonna drop a banger in 10 years probably.” Another added, “Nah this better than Ken [Carson] its actually tuff.” Some admirers are sceptical, but others recognise Lil Novi’s promise.

Lil Novi was born November 2009. Nivea and Lil Wayne are his parents. They dated on-and-off. The early 2000s saw their engagement. Rekindling their relationship years later produced their sole child. However, they split in 2010.

Tunechi, aka Lil Wayne, has three more children with other women. Reginae is 25. Dwayne Carter III is 15. Young Kameron is 14. Young Money’s CEO has a diversified family. Each kid is paving their way.

The Lil Wayne-Playboi Carti comparison is noteworthy. It shows how rap has changed. Carti has a huge fanbase due to his unique flair. His influence on youth is clear.

Lil Wayne produced pioneering music and influence. Rap has been shaped by him for decades. Hearing his son’s perspective personalises the rap future discussion.

The “new Lil Wayne” controversy continues. Fans and critics will certainly debate Lil Novi’s remarks. Lil Wayne’s impact is permanent, regardless of their opinions. Lil Novi and other young artists sense his impact.

As the music industry evolves, these comparisons are unavoidable. They represent shifting tastes and new stars. Lil Novi’s brave comment is one of many voices in this lively conversation.

Lil Novi sees Playboi Carti as the new Lil Wayne, which is unique. It shows how his father’s legacy lives on. Rap is dynamic and ever-changing, as shown by this comparison conversation. Lil Novi’s career and Playboi Carti’s future are anticipated by fans.


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