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Tragedy Strikes: Texas Cheer Coach, Mother of 3 Allegedly Killed by Boyfriend

Mother of 3 Allegedly Killed by Boyfriend

The heart-wrenching narrative surrounding the tragic case involving the mother of 3 Allegedly Killed by Boyfriend. A tight-knit Texas community is grappling with heartache and shock after the tragic death of 24-year-old Rosalin Lewis, a cherished cheerleading coach and mother of three. William Christian Thomas, 23, from Livingston, now stands accused of her murder, a devastating blow that has left Jasper in mourning.

Mother of 3 Allegedly Killed by Boyfriend. “She had dreams, and she was living her dreams. She was a great mom. She was the best daughter you could ask for.” – Schwanda Scott, mother of Rosalin Lewis

Jasper Police took Thomas into custody on a murder charge related to the death of Lewis, whose lifeless body was discovered at the Myrtis Village apartments in Jasper on November 18. At approximately 4:00 a.m., in response to a distress call, officers discovered Lewis dead; her cause of death was attributed to “blunt force trauma.”

At present, Thomas is locked up in Jasper County Jail. He is bound by $1 million bond. We still didn’t receive the information if he entered the plea or just retained legal counsel.

Lewis left a vacant place emotionally to her community. She was a loved and warm hearted person to her community. Her loved ones initiated a fund raising program to support her family in this horror moment. It’s called GoFundMe campaign.

Her three children are now at the age of 2,3, and 5. GoFundMe campaign is seeking support for these 3 children. It will also try to cover the funeral cost of Rosalin Lewis. Community are in a great shock after Lewis’ tragic death.

A dedicated cheerleading coach, Lewis, alongside her mother Schwanda Scott, co-founded “Stunning Stars Cheer & Dance” during her senior year of high school. Her impact transcended the cheerleading mat, as noted in the fundraiser: “Rosalin’s impact was so amazing that every young girl she trained became a Cheerleader for Jasper High School.”

Scott, in contemplation of the profound bereavement, stated, “Rosalin will be sorely missed, and the affection and recollections of her children, family, friends, and the Jasper community will perpetually sustain her legacy.”

As the investigation unfolds, the tragic incident underscores the pervasive issue of domestic violence, urging communities to come together to prevent such heart-wrenching losses.


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Written by Aliyah Collins