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Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed says In leaked audio,he doesn’t need “the black vote”

Montgomery mayor, Steven Reed, is in hot water over a profanity-filed recording.

The leaked audio is from three years from a meeting discussing the death of George Floyd with community leaders.

Unfortunately for Reed, that conversation was recorded and leaked to social media, and now everybody knows the first Black mayor of this majority-Black city is out here betting on white every time.

“I can come smile—I don’t f**king have to do no goddamn work,”

Reed is heard saying in the audio recording

“I don’t have to do no work systemically, and I’m going to be fine. And guess what? I will always get 38 to 45% of the white vote. If I can get 30 to 45% of the white vote, I don’t f**king have to damn get the black vote I got this past election. I’ll f**king win.”

“You got black city? That’s great,” Reed said during another part of the discussion. “You can have all black everything, and guess what, you won’t have green nothing. If white, the white money, thinks that you aren’t looking after their shit, they will take their shit to Prattville. They will take their sh*t to Pike Road, and you won’t have shit.”

According to Reed, one of the meeting attendees, Charles Lee, had ulterior motives. He claimed Lee, owner and founder of That’s My Dog and That’s My Child, asked for $30,000, money that was “owed” to him by previous administration.

The mayor said he asked Lee to leave the meeting and feels the leaked audio is an extortion tactic.

“His extortion attempt during the George Floyd aftermath was one of the most despicable and disgusting acts of cowardice I have ever heard of or have been a part of,” Reed said.

Lee claimed he had nothing to do with the audio being leaked, however, according to The Montgomery Advertiser, he knew the conversation was being recorded and knew there was a plan to leak it. The videos were posted to a YouTube account titled “Montgomery Deserves Better.”

They were also made available the day before Reed’s 49th birthday and a few months shy of Montgomery’s mayoral elections.

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Written by Jamil Johnson