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Ritchie Torres Criticizes ‘Extremely Prejudiced’ Mohamed Hadid Over Offensive Messages

Ritchie Torres Criticizes 'Extremely Prejudiced' Mohamed Hadid Over Offensive Messages

Ritchie Torres Criticizes ‘Extremely Prejudiced’ Mohamed Hadid Over Offensive Messages. Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) has slammed luxury real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, father of models Bella and Gigi, for vile and racist messages sent to the congressman. The messages, obtained by the New York Post, contained homophobic and racist slurs, with Hadid telling Torres he was “worse than the rats of New York sewage system” and that he had a “bigger brain” than Torres.

Torres, who is openly gay and a strong supporter of Israel, was targeted by Hadid, who accused him of being a “shill” for Israel and a “slave to whites.” Hadid also made references to Torres’s race, saying he was an “unusual Black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC” and that he would “get a payday of over 500K.”

After the New York Post exposed Hadid’s racist messages, he gave a backhanded apology, claiming he was angry about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and that Torres was a “shill” for Israel. However, Torres rejected the apology, calling it “fraudulent” and stating that Hadid had been “unmasked as a rabid racist to the core.”

Torres’s response on X (formerly Twitter) was met with widespread support, with many condemning Hadid’s racist and homophobic language. The incident highlights the growing divide between progressive Democrats and those who support Israel, with some accusing the party of anti-Semitism and others claiming that criticism of Israel is being silenced.

“I promise you will never be in congress .. slave to whit[e]s and .. make sure you dress as KKK to hide that ugly gray colored face of yours,” he said. “I know about Bronx.”

Hadid’s apology was seen as insincere by many, as it did not address the racist and homophobic language used in the messages. Instead, it focused on his anger towards Israel and his support for the Palestinian cause. The incident has sparked a wider conversation about racism and homophobia in political discourse, with many calling for greater accountability and civility in public debate.

Torres’s experience is not an isolated incident, with many politicians and public figures facing racist and homophobic abuse online. The incident highlights the need for greater action to be taken against hate speech and discrimination, both online and offline.

The incident also raises questions about the role of social media in perpetuating hate speech and discrimination. Platforms like Instagram, where Hadid sent the messages, have a responsibility to protect their users from hate speech and harassment. However, many argue that these platforms do not do enough to address these issues, and that more needs to be done to hold them accountable.

Furthermore, the incident highlights the need for greater education and awareness about racism and homophobia. Hadid’s messages were not only offensive, but they also revealed a deep-seated ignorance about the experiences of marginalized communities. Education and awareness are key to combating hate speech and discrimination, and we must work to create a society where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


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