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Milwaukee Shooting Suspect Apprehended in Las Vegas

Milwaukee Shooting Suspect Apprehended

Milwaukee shooting suspect apprehended in Las Vegas.

Denika White, wanted for sheltering a felon in Milwaukee, is arrested by U.S. Marshals and Las Vegas police at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

Last October 20, 2023, a petrol station at Appleton and Hampton saw a tragedy. After fighting Denika White and her son, 54-year-old gas station worker Sunny Arimnuta was shot and died.

White and Arimnuta argued before the fatal incident, according to court filings. White’s son, Fredrick Harmon, allegedly shot Arimnuta as they left the business after buying chips and a drink.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” — Officer.

White and Harmon evaded police for months after their initial response. Police conducted search warrants at White’s home but uncovered no suspects. Westown car rental company received the crime vehicle.

White and Harmon were missing until this breakthrough after being charged in January. Following a tip, U.S. Marshals arrested White at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

White appeared in court in Las Vegas on Thursday, March 7, to await extradition to Milwaukee for the shooting allegations.

White is in arrest, but Fredrick Harmon, her son and the alleged shooter, is still at large. Police are searching for him.

Denika White’s arrest is a major milestone in the Milwaukee shooting that killed Sunny Arimnuta. It highlights law enforcement’s tireless pursuit of justice and commitment to holding perpetrators accountable.

On March 5, Denika White faced the penalties of her accused role in the Milwaukee shooting, changing this famous proverb. Her Las Vegas arrest was crucial to Sunny Arimnuta and his family’s justice.

Denika White awaits extradition to Milwaukee, but the community continues to search for Fredrick Harmon, the other shooting suspect. Law enforcement continues to search for him to bring all criminals to justice.

The Milwaukee shooting shows how violent crimes affect communities and families. Sunny Arimnuta’s death created a vacuum that can never be replaced, yet his loved ones remember him.

As the legal proceedings and investigation continue, the Milwaukee shooting case shows law enforcement’s determination to justice in the face of hardship.

An arrest of Denika White in Las Vegas is a major step toward closure and accountability in Milwaukee’s tragic past. No matter how hard people try to avoid the law, justice will prevail and truth will lead to resolution.

Sunny Arimnuta’s death has left the community grieving, but they hope his memory will inspire positive change.

The Milwaukee shooting case continues as the court system seeks answers and accountability for the horrific violence. With Denika White in detention and awaiting extradition, the bereaved community can find closure.

Sunny Arimnuta’s neighborhood and loved ones were deeply affected by the gas station incident last fall. His terrible demise highlights the catastrophic effects of gun violence and the need to address its core causes.

Denika White faces legal consequences for sheltering or supporting a felon, while Fredrick Harmon is still missing. Law enforcement will pursue all leads and avenues to bring the shooting suspects to justice.

Law police, community organizations, and concerned people work together to fight crime and ensure resident safety. Communities can build resilience and eliminate violence by working together.

While Denika White awaits her legal hearings, the Milwaukee community stands united to pursue justice for Sunny Arimnuta and punish his killers accountable. Transparency, accountability, and the law may avoid tragedies and make societies safer and more inclusive.

Denika White’s Las Vegas arrest advances Sunny Arimnuta’s and his family’s justice. It demonstrates law enforcement’s commitment to justice and community safety.

Throughout the legal process, the community must support law enforcement and demand major reforms to combat violence and crime. We can work together to end instances like the Milwaukee shooting and ensure everyone lives without fear or injustice.


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