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Milwaukee Police Chase Ends in Crash; 24-Year-Old Man Charged

Milwaukee Police Chase Ends in Crash; 24-Year-Old Man Charged

Anwar Maxwell, 24, of Milwaukee faces multiple counts after a harrowing police chase and collide with a patrol car on the city’s south side.

Maxwell faces multiple serious charges, including:

Driver flees cop, causing grievous bodily harm (two counts), first-degree reckless injury, Flight from officer causing physical harm, First-degree recklessly endangering safety, Hitting and running—great bodily harm (two counts), Felony gun possession, Cocaine possession with intent to deliver, Heroin possession for delivery

“The state undid justice today. More terrible days of Black lives being ignored.” William Boyd

According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee police witnessed an automobile speeding and swerving by their squad car on Tuesday night, Feb. 27. The officers tried to stop traffic using their lights and siren. After failing to comply, Maxwell accelerated to treble the speed limit and drove recklessly.

The prosecution claims Maxwell ignored traffic signals and hit a minivan at an intersection at above 60 mph. Maxwell’s car hit a Milwaukee Police Explorer hauling a suspect to jail and another vehicle before stopping. Three persons, including two officers, were hospitalized after the crash.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Maxwell jumped out the driver’s window and ran. He was quickly caught by a police officer on S. Pearl Street south of Mitchell.

Maxwell’s vehicle was searched and police found a black Glock 17 semi-automatic handgun and a black rucksack with many packages of heroin, crack cocaine, and psilocybin.

On Sunday, March 3, Milwaukee County court placed a $100,000 cash bond on Maxwell.

It warns against reckless driving and high-speed police pursuits.Maxwell’s arrest highlights the perils of recklessness and crime. It stresses the necessity of law enforcement in maintaining community order and safety.

After the incident, questions have arisen about Maxwell’s actions and community safety. Milwaukee’s high rates of illicit guns and drug offenses show the need for comprehensive efforts to address social and economic conditions that cause crime.

Community leaders, advocates, and law enforcement authorities want more coordination and resources to address structural issues and assist crime prevention and intervention. They stress the need of addressing poverty, unemployment, and lack of education and social services, which can lead to cycles of violence and crime.

Also underway are efforts to improve community-police relations and create confidence between law enforcement and their communities. Community outreach programs, neighborhood involvement initiatives, and dialogue forums help people and law enforcement work together.

Milwaukee stands united in supporting safety, justice, and accountability as Maxwell’s case advances through the judicial system. The incident highlights the necessity for constant monitoring and collaboration to address the city’s complicated issues.

Milwaukeeans’ strength and togetherness in the face of adversity demonstrate their commitment to a safer, more inclusive community. Milwaukee works together and perseveres to create a world without fear and violence.

The community stays committed to good change and a brighter future for future generations as it reflects on Maxwell’s incarceration. Milwaukee’s initiatives to develop a stronger, more resilient city prioritize justice, equity, and opportunity.

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