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Mikey Williams, A Potential Player ForMemphis Horns, Has Been Ordered To Face Trial On Six Felony Firearms Offenses

At his $1.2 million residence, Williams is suspected of shooting a vehicle with five occupants.Judge Sherry M. Thompson-Taylor arraigned Williams on Oct. 24. She dismissed the prosecution’s $500k bail request for Williams. Williams is free on a $50,000 bail after his April 13 arrest.

Memphis announced late last month that Williams is enrolled in online courses and is on the roster but does not have access to team facilities or activities. The court proceedings will decide his future with the program.

September 25 marked the start of practice for the Tigers, who play Jackson State at home on November 6.

Williams graduated from San Ysidro High School and faced five assaults with weapon charges and one automobile shooting accusation. If found guilty on all orders, he could serve 28 years.

He is suspected of firing at his $1.2 million property in rural Jamul, eastern San Diego County, on March 27. According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, bullets were fired at a vehicle leaving the residence with five occupants after an altercation before midnight. The automobile was shot, but no one was hurt, officials added.

After Tuesday’s preliminary hearing revealed six individuals in the vehicle and witnesses alleged Williams threatened them, deputy district attorney George Modlin indicated he may bring further charges.

Williams sat with his attorney, Troy P. Owens, wearing a black suit, a fake turtleneck, and white shoes throughout the hearing.

Owens and Williams departed the courtroom Tuesday without comment. Owens has pleaded not guilty for Williams.

Thompson-Taylor noted that although no witnesses saw Williams fire a pistol, there is probable cause to proceed based on evidence that he threatened to murder them.

When a search warrant was executed at Williams’ residence on April 13, Sheriff’s Detective Bradley Farr located a pistol and other firearms but not the gun described by witnesses.

Modlin informed Thompson-Taylor that someone in the courtroom had reported that public gallery members made hand gestures and facial expressions that might have intimidated a witness after a morning break. He begged her to clear the courtroom if they persisted, and she told the people she would not accept it.

In 2021, Williams, one of the name, image, and likeness era’s early stars, signed a multiyear agreement with Puma for an unknown fee. Before deleting his social media accounts, he had millions of followers. Williams no longer ranks on

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Written by Anthony Peters