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Michelle Williams Makes Fun Of Her “Disappointing” Celebrity Status In New Uber One Ad

In the short Australian ad, which dropped March 4, Williams takes a walk in the park, strolling with a cup and coffee, hoping that someone will notice her as a former member of Destiny’s Child. However, the singer gets a hilarious reality check when she goes unnoticed by everyday pedestrians.

In the advertisement, Williams, 44, sits on a bench and reflects on her “disappointing” celebrity status while checking her Uber One membership savings. Despite her hopes of being recognized, she goes unnoticed until a man calls out her name, only to realize he’s calling for his dog named Michelle. The singer’s disappointment turns to amusement as she observes the man chasing after his pet.

Williams’ hopes are momentarily lifted when another person finally recognizes her, only to discover they are returning her dropped wallet, not acknowledging her fame. Despite the humorous setbacks, Williams concludes the commercial by highlighting the reliability of her Uber One savings.

Fans took to social media platforms to express their reactions to the commercial. Many found the ad hilarious and appreciated Williams’ ability to poke fun at herself. Others applauded her return to the spotlight after her public battle with depression, noting her resilience and sense of humor.

During an interview with the Today Show Australia, Williams shared her enthusiasm for the project, stating that she found the concept hilarious and was eager to participate. She also expressed her admiration for Australian humor and shared her affinity for comedian Larry David’s comedic style, which she incorporated into her performance.

In 2018, Williams took a hiatus from music and theater to focus on her mental health and treat her long-standing battle with depression. She later wrote a book and launched a podcast called Checking In, where she openly discussed her struggles and journey towards healing. Williams credits her former Destiny’s Child bandmates, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, for their support during her darkest moments, describing them as her “angels” who unknowingly provided solace during challenging times.


Despite her personal struggles, Williams is now back in the public eye and gearing up for her role in the musical remake of Death Becomes Her. Reflecting on her past, she acknowledges that she didn’t have the language to identify her depression during the height of her fame but expresses gratitude for her friends’ unwavering support.

The Uber One Australia ad not only showcases Williams’ comedic talent but also highlights her resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

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