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Mayor Johnson expresses Chicago’s openness and hospitality towards migrants compared to others

Mayor Johnson expresses Chicago's openness

Mayor Johnson expresses Chicago’s openness and hospitality towards migrants compared to others. Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago recently highlighted the city’s approach to accommodating illegal immigrants, acknowledging its openness while also recognizing the challenges it faces without substantial federal support.

During a press conference, he emphasized Chicago’s unique stance compared to other blue cities, particularly in terms of providing temporary shelter to migrants bussed in from the southern border.

“We’re the only city in this country that has not put restraints,” Johnson stated, contrasting Chicago’s approach with places like Massachusetts, Denver, New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia, which have implemented limitations on migrant assistance.

Despite acknowledging the strain on city resources, he expressed pride in Chicago’s efforts during a tumultuous period in the nation’s history.

However, Johnson also underscored the unsustainability of Chicago’s generosity without significant federal intervention. He stressed the need for federal investment to ensure the city can continue providing support to migrants. Without such support, the current level of assistance would not be sustainable in the long term.

In addition to addressing the city’s response to the migrant crisis, Johnson took aim at Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his handling of the situation at the southern border. He criticized Abbott’s approach, describing it as “disturbing” and “iniquitous,” particularly condemning the practice of putting migrants on buses without adequate support.

“Look, ya’ll, this is some sickening stuff right here. To just put people on buses and just say ‘good luck.’ That’s real jacked up,” Johnson exclaimed, highlighting his strong disapproval of Abbott’s actions. He called on Abbott to demonstrate compassion and humanity in dealing with migrants, suggesting that the governor “needs to find a soul.”

Furthermore, Johnson made controversial remarks regarding the influence of Trump supporters in Chicago’s recent election. He suggested that the same voters who supported former President Donald Trump may have played a role in blocking a real estate tax hike referendum. Johnson hinted at the possibility that Trump supporters’ turnout influenced the outcome of the referendum, raising questions about the political dynamics within the city.

“It’s also not lost on me, I think there were 38,000 Republicans that showed up and voted for Donald Trump, or something like that, in Chicago,” Johnson remarked, implying a correlation between Trump supporters and the referendum’s outcome. He urged further investigation into this aspect, indicating a belief that Trump supporters’ concentration in certain areas may have influenced the vote.

According to data from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, approximately 37,000 Republican primary voters participated in Tuesday’s primary election, with roughly 29,000 of them supporting former President Trump, representing 78.5% of the total Republican vote. Johnson’s comments highlight the complex interplay between local politics and national allegiances, suggesting potential implications for electoral outcomes at the city level.

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s statements reflect Chicago’s unique approach to accommodating illegal immigrants while acknowledging the challenges and limitations it faces without substantial federal support. His criticisms of Governor Greg Abbott’s handling of the migrant crisis and his remarks regarding the influence of Trump supporters in local politics underscore the broader political dynamics at play within the city.


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Written by Anthony Peters