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Man Accused of Shooting Lakeland Toddler Also Killed Accomplice

Man Accused of Shooting Lakeland Toddler

Man Accused of Shooting Lakeland Toddler Also Killed Accomplice. Kevarius Green, 30, is involved in a shooting that kills two people, including a three-year-old boy.

Green was charged with two first-degree murders, one shooting into a vehicle, and one attempted murder in his Polk County court debut.

The tragic shooting at Cambridge Cove apartments in Lakeland at 6:30 p.m. last week shocked the community.

“The gunfight continued. Chief Taylor stated bullets are being fired from inside the Rav and into the front.

Police said a white Dodge Challenger driven by fugitive Demarius Wilson blocked the victims’ exit from the apartment complex, including three-year-old Jaquez “JD” Norton.

Green and Kemarius Wilson, 22, left the Challenger and approached the Rav 4, where Norton, his mother, and Robert Einzig were.

In a scary scene, Green fired a rifle at the Rav 4 as Einzig fired a handgun in self-defense.

Norton was killed by a gunshot to the head, while Einzig was shot in the leg.

In the chaos of the gun struggle, Green accidentally shot and killed his accomplice, Kemarius Wilson, according to court filings.

Chief Taylor called the scene a “ongoing gun battle,” with suspects and victims exchanging fire, heightening the misery.

Despite ongoing investigations, the purpose behind the senseless shooting remains unknown, leaving the community mourning innocent lives.

Green remains in detention until his April 16 court hearing as the third accomplice is sought.

Lakeland is grieving from the senseless violence that killed a little kid and broke families.

Residents mourn the loss of innocence and examine the causes of the shooting. The death of three-year-old Jaquez “JD” Norton has left a lasting impression on the community, reminding us of the fragility of life and the need for gun violence solutions.

Justice remains a top priority as investigators try to understand the shooting and its motives. To ensure victims receive justice and prevent future catastrophes, perpetrators must be held accountable.

Robert Einzig’s bravery in defending himself and others shows the human spirit’s persistence and strength. His efforts demonstrate the significance of staying alert and ready to face safety hazards in the most dangerous situations.

The community has rallied around the victims’ families after this tragic catastrophe. Being nice and compassionate gives hope in the gloom, revealing humanity’s decency.

The community remains united in its quest of justice and honoring the victims as court proceedings and the search for the final suspect continue. They aim to establish a safer, more compassionate society where no one is harmed.

The community commits to memorialize young Jaquez “JD” Norton and all others affected by this senseless act of violence by campaigning for change and working toward a future without tragedies like this.


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Written by Anthony Peters