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Lionel Richie Hilariously Threw Shade at Diana Ross

It is an astonishing and astounding event when a worldwide recognized music luminary and acclaimed singer, none other than Lionel Richie of the Commodores fame, finds himself abruptly propelled into the focus of public attention.

This unexpected change of events has been caused by the recent emergence of archive film revealing his pretty interesting and, maybe, somewhat perplexing statements about none other than the famous Diana Ross.

As a result of these comments, which can be described as moderately satirical, the singer acclaimed for his iconic composition, “Zoom,” has quickly become the focal point of a plethora of fervent and animated discussions and dialogues across the vast landscape of Twitter and its interconnected digital channels.

Allow me to explain the specific facts surrounding this unique case. An internet user took the deliberate choice to broadcast a video clip starring Lionel Richie during his critically acclaimed Sing A Song All Night Long tour.

During this tour, Lionel Richie had the distinct honor of sharing the stage with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire, bringing an added degree of distinction to the performance in question.

During an interval of this electric show, the amiable vocalist, well known for his chart-topping song “Hello, took advantage of the opportunity to address a topic of special importance.

This was a reference to Diana Ross, the renowned singer of The Supremes, being conspicuously absent from their joint version of the timeless classic “Endless Love.

Lionel Richie proceeded on a nearly four-decade-long anecdotal odyssey as he commented on his courageous and relentless attempts to get Ms. Diana Ross to appear on that particular stage on the evening in question.

Mr. Richie’s comments, tinged with a distinct tinge of good-natured sarcasm, rang with a piercing reality. “There is a song I yearn to perform, and for exactly 37 years, I have earnestly attempted to coax the esteemed Ms. Diana Ross onto this very stage, tonight,” he said.

“In the interest of full disclosure,” he said, “it has become resolutely clear to me over the course of these 37 years that Ms. Ross has consistently demurred in response to my overtures.”

Diana has vehemently said ‘no’ for the last 37 years. One has to wonder what possessed anybody to think she may make a surprise appearance this evening. Unfortunately, it was not to be! She’s somewhere, serenading Beyoncé with a version of ‘Happy Birthday.’

I must admit that this development has slightly decomposed me.” (One can’t help but admire Lionel’s honest outpouring of his feelings.)

As previously reported by The Root, Diana Ross bestowed upon the audience and the serenading “Virgo’s Groove” songstress one of the most iconic birthday serenades of all time during Beyoncé’s awe-inspiring birthday spectacle as part of her Los Angeles Renaissance World tour.

However, it seems that Diana Ross’s spectacular performance during Beyoncé’s presentation accidentally led to her noticeable absence from Lionel Richie’s concert, much to the dismay of the affable singer. Richie was disappointed by this turn of events. It is important for us to recognize that Diana has a propensity for acting on her own capricious impulses, even if we can sympathize with Mr. Richie’s frustration. This is because Diana has a predisposition for following her own capricious inclinations.

In all honesty, it is important to point out that Beyoncé did, in fact, return the good gesture of serenading Diana Ross on the occasion of her 75th birthday in the year 2019, and that this is something that should be noted.

As a result, one may hypothesize that Ms. Ross was attempting to repay the favor in a manner that was analogous to the one she had received.

Regardless of the specifics of the situation, it is of the utmost importance to emphasize the fact that 37 years have passed, which is a very significant span of time.

As a result, one can only earnestly hope that, in due order, the calendars of these two renowned artists would serendipitously coincide, bestowing upon us the long-awaited collaboration that we have so anxiously expected, with a degree of promptness. One can only hope with such fervor because one has no other choice.

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Written by Aliyah Collins