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Leslie Jones Honors Bestie Kenan Thompson and Explains How She Got Chadwick Boseman to Host

When you are a black person who works in a workplace where most of the employees are white, you may discover that you have an instant connection with the other black people who also work there.

This is something to remember, particularly if you are a person of color. As Leslie Jones worked her way through the cast of Saturday Night Live, she had the good fortune to have the SNL veteran Kenan Thompson at her side to help her navigate the intricate dynamics of the iconic sketch comedy series.

Thompson was there to assist Jones through the intricate workings of the show. In the five years that Jones hosted Saturday Night Live, the two developed such a close relationship that she could give him an advanced copy of her forthcoming book, Leslie F*cking Jones.

When asked about the book during an interview, Jones responded, “There were so many things that I could have put in the book that I didn’t.”

“While doing publicity for the book, she recalled one instance in which they talked about how they’d had quite a few Black guests, and a writer made a passive-aggressive interruption into the conversation.

Kenan had asked me to take out a few things for him, and I did so for him. When people of African descent attempt to have a quiet conversation, there is always someone around who wants to interrupt by saying, “Well.”

“I just remember getting into it with a writer once,” she said. “I just remember how heated it got.” “I still have a clear recollection of how heated it became.

“We were discussing how glad Kenan and I are to have black hosts on the program while he was talking to Kenan and me.

The comment made by the writer was something along the lines of, “Oh, just to be fair, during the previous season, we had more black hosts than white hosts.”

After hearing this, I said, “Well, thank you very much for your forty years of effing motherfucking television!”

It was discovered that Leslie was the one who was responsible for one of the most memorable moments in the history of Saturday Night Live, and it was shown that Leslie caused this event.

She successfully persuaded the late Chadwick Boseman to serve as the show’s host, which led to the production of the now-iconic sketch in which T’Challa competes on “Black Jeopardy.”

Her statement, “I got him because I saw him at a Black Panther after party,” referred to the occasion on which they had first come into contact.

“I was like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to do SNL, and we’ll take care of you,” the host of Saturday Night Live remarked in an interview.

It is abundantly clear that not everything was always sunshine and rainbows. Everyone is aware of the difficulties that arise when a black woman is the only person of her race to be employed in a mostly white setting.

Everyone judges everything you say, do, and wear, including your appearance. She and many other Black performers had to fight for a Black hair stylist, which was particularly important on a sketch comedy show that focused on numerous quick changes within each episode. She eventually found a Black hair stylist, but it wasn’t easy.

“Any White corporation you go to as a Black female, you are going to face stereotypes,” she said. “It does not matter what industry you work in.”

“It makes no difference what sector of the economy you work in.” “I was like, ‘I’m a Black lady, and my hair is black,'” she said. I want to hear it from a Black stylist in their own words.

In 2019, Leslie announced her departure from Saturday Night Live, citing the understanding that “there is only so much I can do in this machine.”

Alternatively, I may take what I’ve learned about this machine’s operation and build one of my own using those skills. It’s almost like a mixture of sour and sweet flavors.”

Jones, Leslie F*cking, will be available starting on September 19th. In my opinion, she accomplished a decent job in both the design and construction of her very own equipment.

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Written by Aliyah Collins