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Kevin Durant’s Basketball Legacy: A Future Rivalry with LeBron James?

LeBron & Kevin Durant are often at the center

LeBron & Kevin Durant are often at the center of discussions about the greatest NBA player. The basketball world is no stranger to debates about the greatest NBA player, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant consistently finding themselves in the heart of the discussion. While LeBron’s influence extends beyond the court, Durant’s prowess has primarily been recognized within the basketball community.

Former NBA player Rashad McCants recently shared his perspective on the LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant debate during a podcast hosted by Gilbert Arenas.

LeBron & Kevin Durant are often at the center of discussions about the greatest NBA player. McCants stated, “I think that real hoopers know that Kevin Durant is gonna go down as a better, I think, basketball player than LeBron [James] at the end of the road, not right now.”

The conversation delved into the promotional aspects, with McCants noting the broader promotion of LeBron James and Stephen Curry compared to the narrower promotion of Kevin Durant.

LeBron James is considered to be greatest as the likes of Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is widely known to fan as “King James”. On the other hand, Durant is called “Slim Reaper”. He is one of the most clinical scorer in NBA history. Though he hasn’t reach the same height of his career as LeBron. But as he is still young, people consider that he has that type of potential to reach the level of LeBron.

Rashad McCants thinks that the leadership quality is one of the most important role to be the greatest. And both James and Durant have that quality. The conversation also touched upon Durant’s titles with the Golden State Warriors, which some critics view with a degree of skepticism due to the team’s existing dominance.

Host Gilbert Arenas joined the conversation, attributing the perceived gap in legacy between LeBron James and Kevin Durant to media influence. Arenas argued that the media has held a certain standard for a select few, impacting how Durant’s legacy is perceived in comparison to LeBron and Curry.

As Durant embarks on a new chapter with the Phoenix Suns, teaming up with Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, the narrative around his legacy could undergo a transformation. A potential championship win with the Suns could reshape Durant’s standing among basketball greats.

The ongoing debate between LeBron James and Kevin Durant continues to captivate basketball enthusiasts, with the future holding the promise of further defining their respective legacies.


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Written by Anthony Peters