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Lauryn Hill Resumes To The Stage With An Iconic Wardrobe

Lauryn Hill with her iconic wardrobe

Lauryn Hill with her iconic wardrobe returns to the stage spectacularly. Discover the highlights of her performance and her fashion statements. While Hill may tend to disappear from view, she is making a triumphant comeback to the stage, as seen by several joyful performance looks that serve as a constant reminder that she is one of the best vocalists of our time and has an impeccable sense of style.

Raheem Robinson skillfully blends feminine frills and masculine suits for Hill’s exuberant stage attire. She looked stunning in a fuchsia tulle Molly Goddard outfit at her most recent performance in Toronto.

Hill placed a black puffer with a fuzzy hood over the poufy pink dress. She paired her pink turtleneck with a black netted shirt and a ruched black jacket later in the performance.

Her more feminine—but no less dramatic—hairstyle, which included diamonds and silver flower beads fashioned by Nigella Miller, contrasted with her futuristic black eyewear. Alana Palau was the makeup artist for Hill.

Hill has paired structured suits with bows, diamonds, and ruffles in previous performances. She accessorized her outfit in New York with a sparkling crystal headdress that flowed over her covered head, matching her black jacket with its robust and pointed shoulder to white pants for an extra beautiful look.

She donned a white Cheney Chan double-breasted coat during the same performance, with a back bow so big and fluffy it might have passed for angel wings.

Hill previously this summer expressed a passion for Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli, one of the hottest designers right now. Her menswear-inspired outfit was embellished with a gold trompe l’oeil of a woman’s form.

She donned what may have been her most striking ensemble to date when she celebrated Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary at Yankee Stadium earlier this year. She wore a neon pink suit layered over a black hoodie, a pink ruffled tulle overskirt, black platform heels, white socks, and a New York Yankees cap.

It should not be shocking that a gifted rapper and vocalist like Hill can balance two opposed styles, finding sartorial harmony even in extreme situations.

This is the lady who, after all, offered us variety with songs like the heartfelt “To Zion” and the diss hit “Lost Ones.” She shouldn’t disappoint us in any way.

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Written by Anthony Peters