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Killer dad accused of Facetiming mum while choking their two-year-old daughter to death

A killer dad has allegedly Facetimed his daughter’s mum while choking their two-year-old toddler to death.

Deontray Flanagan, from Texas, US, is accused of streaming the horrific incident after their daughter, Zevaya Marie Flanagan, was allegedly hit and choked.

Kairsten Watson said Deontray Flanagan phoned her as he led the police on a 30-mile chase, showing her little Zevaya covered in blood before choking her when the call was connected.

“Her face was just covered in blood. He hit her with something really hard, and then he called me on Facetime, and he showed me. He choked her on Facetime.”

Mum Kairsten Watson said

“I said, ‘Tray stop, that is your daughter, stop, she loves you.’ His exact words were you only love that man, you did this to her.”

The suspect had picked up his daughter from nursery and allegedly attacked her before entering Harris County Walmart at around 10am on Monday – where the girl’s mum worked.

The parents were seen arguing when the suspect allegedly assaulted her – as he took her mobile phone and then dumped the kid with the mum.

According to authorities, he allegedly threatened to cause harm to the two-year-old if the mum didn’t do as he asked.

Mr Flanagan snatched the girl and led police on a 30-mile chase as he hit cars and drove on the opposite side of the road.

The car eventually crashed and officers took the suspect into custody as the 2-year-old required CPR treatment but she tragically died after being transferred to hospital.

The pair had separated in recent months but the dad would not let her get on with her life, according to Kairsten, who has demanded police take concerns more seriously.

Deontray has been charged with murder and was set to appear in court on Tuesday but waived his right to appear.

A judge set his bond at $1million (£930,000).

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Written by Jamil Johnson