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Christian Keyes, An Actor, Accuses A “Powerful Man” Of Sexual Harassment And Records An Alleged $100,000 Offer To Strip

Keyes Accuses Powerful Man of Sexual Harassment

Christian Keyes Accuses Powerful Man of Sexual Harassment. Christian Keyes, actor of All The Queen’s Men, spoke forward about years of alleged “sexual harassment” from a prominent Hollywood “billionaire” who he claims sought to get into bed with him and offered $100,000 to strip. “You don’t even know if you thought that Diddy s**t was crazy.”

During an hour-long Instagram Live on Friday night, the actor shared his tough reality.

Christian Keyes Accuses Powerful Man of Sexual Harassment. After declining supposed offers to strip down for cash or go back to a private home after trying out for a part, Keyes said he’s decided to “take the scenic route” in his career. He said, “I didn’t sell my soul or my ass for success.”

When Keyes identifies the well-liked public person as “shady and predatory,” he believes that people will take him seriously. He says he has recordings of the wrongdoing going back over two decades.

It will need to be released at a later date. He held out a digital voice recorder pen and stated, “I’ve had one of these on me since ’05.”

Most predators would examine your phone, so carry a pen or a keychain recorder. As soon as the sexual harassment began, I felt compelled to defend myself. I’m refusing because I don’t want this person—despite their seeming power—trying to obstruct my job. I therefore began to record.

Keyes debuted as an actor in a feature film in 2005 with Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, according to IMDb. Over the next ten years, he appeared in several stage productions, television shows, and indie films. These included recurring parts in 9-1-1, Supernatural, The Family Business, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and The Young and the Restless.

The films Saints & Sinners, In Contempt, and most recently All the Queen’s Men are the ones for which Keyes is most well-known. He had appearances in Reasonable Doubt and The Boys as well. The Detroit native vowed to reveal the harassers shortly but remained silent about who they were throughout his decades-long career as an actor.

On top of the mountain, over the hills, and everywhere else—I want to tell it. I’d want to talk about it. Fortunately, they don’t even need to accept my word for it. They can hear this individual, albeit hopefully they won’t. I’ve always had a lot of recording devices about me, including keychains, pens, flash drives, and more, ever since the sexual harassment began.When I’m alone myself at night, it concerns me, therefore I really want to get that stuff out. Man, the world is praising this individual without even being aware of how dubious and predatory their actions are. Predators feel resentful of prey that escapes, therefore when you refuse to comply and don’t offer to physically and metaphorically play ball, they will get resentful of you.

Keyes said that the fact that this influential individual supposedly mentioned “he had multiple young Black men on the payroll” made him feel at ease with the misbehavior. And they would just appear at his request to be there.

Although Keyes alluded to many additional purported victims, he also brought up non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements that may keep them silent. He clarified, however, that he is still free to give over proof of illegal behavior notwithstanding these contracts.

The pleased parent made it clear that he is not attracted to guys, but that “these people kept on for years.” Horrible sexual behavior is illegal. It is a criminal to attempt sexual assault, he said. In an effort to demonstrate his sincerity, he further volunteered to undergo many polygraph examinations.

Over the years, Keyes’s emotional responses to these occurrences kept him up at night. He said, “Some of the people you think are your mentors are trying to f**k you, both literally and figuratively.”


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