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Kerry Washington’s Unveils Hilarious Family Secrets in “Thicker Than Water” Memoir

Kerry Washington, renowned for her private character, has peeled back the veil on her childhood, offering a series of hilarious family memories in her new book, “Thicker Than Water.”

In an exclusive interview, the actress spills the beans on everything, from her stage exploits to the less-than-glamorous truths of her background.

Kerry Washington found consolation in the realm of theatre for most of her life, a place where she could genuinely express herself. She reveals a family secret to Robin, stating, “When people ask me if I’m the first in my family to go into show business, I always say I’m the first person to get paid for it because we were all performing all the time.”

She jokes, “In our family, we had the appearance of being a successful, intelligent, elegant family where everything was perfect, and that was not the case.”

Washington frankly spills the beans about her family’s terrible disputes, which she observed as a youngster while pretending to sleep. “I could feel the tension vibrating through the wall,” she says, mocking the situation’s ridiculousness.

In “Thicker Than Water,” Kerry Washington describes her parents’ financial disputes, her father’s alcoholism, and their marriage’s failures. She jokes, “I thought, well, maybe if I’m a little smarter or more successful or prettier or happier or thinner, eventually I thought, like, you know, maybe if I could be better in some way, it’ll make things better for this family.”

The book reveals the complexities of her family interactions by peeling back the layers of her life. “I talk about feeling like there was something I didn’t know and feeling like there was some distance between my parents and me in the book,” she explains. There was a veil, a remoteness in that affection.”

Kerry, her father, Earl, and her mother, Valerie, address the book’s contents frankly in an exclusive interview. They joke about things they wish she hadn’t spoken and discuss the limits of sharing family memories.

“Thicker Than Water” seems to be a wild ride of amusing and touching family stories. Kerry Washington’s journey through the ups and downs of her life is sure to make readers laugh and think.

To get all the juicy facts from this hilarious conversation, tune in to our channel. Kerry Washington’s family tale will have you in stitches!

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Written by Aliyah Collins