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Kendrick Lamar Shakes Up Rap Scene with Bold Diss Track: “It’s Just Big Me

Kendrick Lamar Shakes Up Rap Scene

Kendrick Lamar Shakes Up Rap Scene with Bold Diss Track: “It’s Just Big Me

The song, “Like That,” serves as Lamar’s platform to refute the notion of a “big three” in rap, a title often attributed to himself, Drake, and J Cole. While their collective talent and commercial success have dominated discussions over the past decade, Lamar boldly declares, “Motherfuck the big three, n***a, it’s just big me.”

 Lamar’s diss track is a direct retaliation to J Cole’s rap on “First Person Shooter” from Drake’s 2023 album, “For All The Dogs.” Cole had asked the controversial inquiry, “Is it K-Dot?” Is this Aubrey? Or me? / We the big three, we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammad Ali.

Lamar, also known as K-Dot, dismisses the resemblance outright. “Your best work is a light pack,” he says, demonstrating his domination in the rap world. He even draws similarities to the legendary rivalry between Prince and Michael Jackson, saying, “N***a, Prince outlived Mike Jack.”

Lamar and Drake have sparred lyrically in the past, but this is the first time he has publicly addressed J Cole. The timing is particularly poignant because Drake and Cole are presently co-headlining the “It’s All A Blur” tour, which Lamar dismisses as “clique-in’ up, but cannot be legit.”

Lamar’s audacious move has rekindled disputes among rap fans and skeptics alike. Many claim that his willingness to confront the established quo demonstrates his artistic integrity and refusal to bend to industry standards.

However, not everyone supports Lamar’s outspoken attitude. Nadine Smith of The Independent criticized Drake’s recent album, “For All the Dogs,” for its misogyny and insecurity, pointing out songs that objectify women. In contrast, Ben Bryant lauded Lamar’s most recent album, “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers,” calling it “a tender opus from the defining poet of his generation.”

The tension between Lamar, Drake, and J Cole underscores the competitive nature of the rap scene. Each artist vies for recognition and respect, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions. Yet, Lamar’s latest salvo suggests a shift in the power dynamics, with him staking his claim as the undisputed heavyweight of hip-hop.

As “Like That” continues to reverberate through the music industry, one thing is clear: Kendrick Lamar refuses to be pigeonholed or overshadowed by his peers. With his unapologetic confidence and unparalleled lyrical prowess, he remains a force to be reckoned with, reshaping the landscape of rap with each verse.

In an era where authenticity is prized above all else, Lamar’s willingness to speak his truth, unfiltered and uncompromising, cements his status as a cultural icon and a game-changer in the world of hip-hop. Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure: Kendrick Lamar isn’t just “big,” he’s monumental.


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Written by Jamil Johnson